Nicole Chapman . Graphic Designer

Born . December 18th, 1991        Raised . Essex         Living . London City       

“Being an artist isn’t about drawing pretty pictures, it’s very much about the hidden stories behind the pieces we create. Every designer, creative, and artist have their own story to tell, art is a way for us to express our true-selves. Letting our thoughts spread across the page. Design your world, use your mind, body and soul. Forever be in touch with your emotions, express all you feel to create the best.”

Currently studying BA Hons Graphic Design at London Metropolitan University based in Aldgate East. My interests are mainly linked to Graphic Design, Illustration, Music and Creative WritingAfter studying Art & Design for the past 6 years I have gained experience working with live clients, networking at creative industry events and working outside study hours producing independent work for many up & coming successful individuals within the media & music industry i.e. Entrepreneur Samuell Benta, Fashion Design Platform Rag City, Events Organisation KB Management and Underground Artists such as James Anderson & Eklipse.  This has given me a clear insight to different design opportunities & has helped me to decide exactly what I would like to do once graduating next year 2017