Introducing YOURS

One of my final deliverables for D&AD.

I have been working on designing and developing my John Lewis concept video for Design Competition. After researching the history of John Lewis, visiting the store and looking at their charity, interviewing one of their most successful Stratford City colleagues, looking deep into how they advertise John Lewis for important occasions, their biggest competitors, their own brand style and one of the key elements of the brief, Urbanites I have come with a concept helping Urbanites “busy people and workers in the city” to find an easier way to access the John Lewis store. I have thought about how to give the branding a younger feel using colour and style as well as including a user experience which today is a massive success for big companies such as John Lewis. 

The concept of home and family living appears to be one of John Lewis’s fundamental areas of design and interest. I have touched on how they use messaging through their visuals and have worked on how my application will fit with their brand style. 

I have also designed a logo for my application which may be changed and edited slightly since making my video and video effects. I had noticed how john lewis likes to use the circle shape throughout introducing new aspects of their brand. Either being stickers on packages, window stickers or announcements online. 


No matter what area of John Lewis I researched the concept of family and home living as well as the colour green and circles continued to make an appearance. I kept all of these areas in mind when it came to designing.

I wanted to use type to express the sentimental messaging throughout my video. After teaching myself how to use Premier Pro and After Effects for my previous project had really helped me to work on video efficiently and pretty quickly when it came to panning my text in and out and aligning it with my chosen audio file. I chose this particular piece of music due to it’s emotional feel and sound which I feel works perfectly for John Lewis advertising. 

After finishing the type parts of my video I realised something was missing and it would look better if I could somehow use the popular circle shape throughout helping to bring my video to life. After watching many tutorials online I followed one in particular which teaches you how to build your own motion graphics for video content. I followed this step by step and made a series of animations using my chosen colours. This has really added a delicate touch to my video and overall I am over the moon with my advertisement. 

below is my completed video, introducing customers to the new application I have designed for John Lewis.


Feedback & Reflection

I have shown my video to Tahira and a few of my studio peers and family members to get some feedback from individuals and also someone who knows the brand very well. Tahira feedback: she loves the feel and the freshness I have added to the brand and how the words touch on what John Lewis stands for. She is interested to see the application stills and my gifs which are the next step for me to complete. There are a few small changes I will be making to the video once I have finished and perfected my application and gif designs. 



After researching different elements of John Lewis and all they stand for I have realised how home is a huge aspect to what the company brings. Being a fundamentally designed for family and living. For my chosen design competition brief has pin pointed on creating something that will make John Lewis more appealing for Urbanites the busy city people

what’s essential: requirements.

x bring your idea to life with a presentation that shows: 

x key elements of your insight and solution 

x how it serves both John Lewis and your audience 

x how it would work across multiple channels 

x the lifecycle of your product / service throughout the user journey 

x research and development highlights

what to submit.

Main (essential):
Either a presentation video (max. 2 min) OR JPEG slides (max. 8). 

Optional (judges may view this if they wish): Interactive work (brand websites, apps etc); physical supporting material; if your main deliverable is JPEGs, you can also submit video (max. 1 min total); if your main piece is video, you can also submit JPEGs (max. 4). 

After looking over the requirements for my design competition brief I have put together some ideas.

likes instagram | pinterest way of connecting, sharing & liking images. 

what john lewis stands for is very much linked to home and family. 

mostly what they sell is linked with decorating home or self. 


I have decided to design an application where people, especially those with busy lifestyles, such as urbanites. can always connect with home and family on their travels. building and designing a home is all about making. decisions, the food we eat, the gifts we buy, the occasions we prepare for, and decorating our interiors are all.based on single or grouped decisions. my application  will help urbanites to access every aspect of john lewis’s store digitally, on the move, through their phones with the treasured aspect which they miss the most, h o m e. 

first page being a title page, opening page.

second page, a connection page, after signing up where you can link with your family members, adding their names to the page.

will allow you to all connect through the stages of application used. where you can share the items you personally like and are thinking of purchasing, the other members can like or dislike these and also can see what items the other members have viewed that day. 

third page where all your likes can connect, creating an automatic like list. 

forth page built on decorating your home, similar to designing your houses interior. this will work via you taking a photograph of the room you are deciding to decorate. this will automatically digitalise and you can place items from your like list into the room. the application will notify you weather this particular item will fit in the room. if yes will be placed in the room,if not will be removed or ask you to attempt to place it elsewhere. this will give you an idea of how certain products will fit within your home and how they will look before purchasing. you can also buy all products online.

name ideas: has to be linked to missing home, connecting with home, family or building a home. 

John Lewis made s i m p l e.

s t y l e for JL. 






b e t t e r.

behoove – to fit. 

majority of the things on the john lewis site are designed with writing. the store however is a lot more visual and spaced out. i have an idea to style the application a similar way to how john lewis design their store. Spacious, set departments with splashes of colour giving the company a much more modern feel.

concept board : mood board.

john lewis


Working through this project first focusing on researching the company has helped me to really pull some conceptual ideas out the bag. I am excited to now be working on this project and feel I am at a good stage to start designing my visuals. 


What | Who are Urbanites?

Reading through my John Lewis brief I have picked up on a few important aspects of the brief which must be portrayed in my project for John Lewis. The area I was stuck with was understanding the meaning of Urbanites. I should most probably know what this word means seen as I pretty much match up to at least half of the characteristics. The city never sleeps and neither do Urbanities. 


Urbanites are people who are constantly busy, who either live, work or study in the city. This term is connected to a range of age groups and is defined by commonalities (people who have or share things in common.) They are constantly on the move and thoroughly enjoy being busy, weather it’s work related or a social event. A strong urbanite audience stays connected and are pretty much sharing their interests daily and the city being the perfect place full of amazing people and opportunities. 

Characteristics of Urbanites

Highly sociable characters, Constantly working hard, Not having time, Early adopters of new technology and being financial Jugglers. 

I can relate to this pretty much moving to the city a 7 years ago and working and studying constantly ever since. Trying to find the time to socialise with friends and family can be very stressful due to the work loads us creatives have to handle. 

To help me to gain some more information linked to The Urban Life and Urbanities I have looked at an article written for the Time by Alice Park titled Stressed in the City: How Urban Life May Change Your Brain. Alice expresses how living the Urban Life can really effect our health in many ways, constantly being on the move is good in ways however we all need to rest, relax and recharge our minds not just our batteries. An important quote found in this article helped me to realise what it is Urbanites need. “In general when it comes to stress, it’s important to keep a balance. These results suggest the need to keep things in balance so after a period of working hard, you balance that with a period of off-time as well.”



After reading this article I am interested in learning more about my target audience and have noted down some important steps which will help me throughout my design development for this project. 

Biggest Competitors

Who are John Lewis’s biggest competitors & why?

John Lewis is known to be one of the most successful non-budget nationwide department stores in the Uk. However it still has a few competitors. Debenhams | House of Fraser | Marks & Spencer. These three department stores are also very well known for their customer service, advertising and companies as a whole. 


Debenhams is one of the top international, multi-channel brands with a strong British heritage and culture trading over 240 stores across 27 countries giving it’s customers a unique and exclusive varieties of it’s own personal brands, popular, successful international brands and also concessions. Debenhams is a store know for investing in it’s design for the past 20 years through it’s featured designers and Debenhams own portfolio of brands. Current designers behind Debenhams being: Abigail Ahern, Jeff Banks, Jasper Conran, Sadie Frost and Jemima French, Patrick Grant, Henry Holland, Betty Jackson, Stephen Jones, Ben de Lisi, Todd Lynn, Julien Macdonald, Laura Oakes, Jenny Packham, Ren Pearce and Andrew Fionda, Aliza Reger, John Rocha, Ashley Thomas, Justin Thornton, Eric Van Peterson and Matthew Williamson.  

Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Beauty | Home | Furniture | Toys | Gifts | Electricals | Sports&Leisure | Weddings | Blue Cross Sale

Debenhams also supports several charities. They believe in a good cause, doing their very best to raise awareness and money to helping others. They support charities such as: Children in Need, Breast Cancer Now & Help the Heroes. Three very well known, successful charities in the Uk. They have a very strong social media platform helping to promote the charities they support, the stores they run and also the products they sell. They have three very popular blog sites The original Debenhams blog, The Beauty Club blog & The H! by Henry Holland. All displaying different elements of the company. Their other social networks include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare & Polyvore. Debenhams Competitions giving customers the chance to win holidays and limited edition good sold in store. Debenhams direct a membership where customers can receive discounts in store and at online. They have also won up to 20+ awards since 2008.


Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Beauty | Kid&Toys | Home&Garden | Electrical’s  Furniture | Gifts&Weddings

House of Fraser known by regular customers as HoF. We’ve been on a mission to provide your with the luxuries of life, your hearts desires. A whole universe full of your favourite things. They have grown and become amazingly known for their customer service and what they sell. HoF has been around for a good 150 years and still standing. Since 1994 they have been delivering goods and on the stock exchange for £484 million. A major refurbishment programme began and had made major changes for the company. Their social media platforms include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest where they promote their weekly sales, products and updates. They also work with charities such as Sparks for Children’s health, SwanUk & Walkthewalk.  House of Fraser have 60 successful Uk stores and more across the globe. 


Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Lingerie | Beauty | Home & Furniture | Food & Wine | Flowers & Gifts | Offers | Sale | M&S Bank

It has been reviewed and analysed online that Marks and Spencer’s happens to be John Lewis’s biggest competitor. From it’s store management, customer service and promotional ways Marks serves in many similar ways to which John Lewis does. Being one of the UK’s leading retailers who have successfully opened  1,382 stores worldwide are in competition with John Lewis. This is an amazing achievement as M&S continues to grow. With it’s British culture and perfectly indulgent advertisements warming viewers to want to try the quality of M&S’s food at such a great value. Marks and Spencer’s works similarly to John Lewis in the way were they very much focus on bringing something different to the table each seasons for special occasions. As well as selling food they also sell high-quality,  fashionable own brand clothing being one of the best selling men & woman’s retailers at market leading position. Customers have trusted M&S to behave in a responsible way.

In a world facing rapidly growing environmental and social challenges, we believe we can make a difference by leading the way on truly sustainable change.”

They also work in the magical way of bringing occasions such as Christmas and Easter to our screens enticing the family with love.


After researching John Lewis and their competitors has helped me to touch point on some of John Lewis’s best qualities and how they could maybe be highlighted within my project. So far I have collected key words such as Love, Family, Home, Occasions & Magic. These are words I am looking to maybe include through signage or messaging. 


Advertising Occasions

John Lewis have pretty much won when it’s comes to advertising. They have a very creative eye when it comes to visuals linking these colourful advertisements to the seasons and important occasions especially Christmas. John Lewis are forever advertising Christmas Campaigns for their stores. Usually filmed in a family home. I have found it interesting how the word Home has been highlighted twice through advertising as well as the first interview I had with Tahira (Colleague at John Lewis.) I feel this is a very important aspect and I am already looking to bring this element to the surface of my design idea. 


I’m sure everyone who watches TV will remember some of the below advertisements which brought the feeling of love and family to our screens. This has to be one of the most popular adverts of 2014. Attracting both adults and children introducing us to the story of Monty The Penguin.

This advert has to be one of John Lewis’s greatest successes helping to promote the companies name. The ad which visualises a story of a young boy named Sam and his imaginary friend called Monty, a sad penguin looking for love helped to push sales up by 4.8% with 7 million views on social media within the space of 24 hours. 


This ad expresses one of John Lewis’s best promotional methods being nostalgic music and emotional messaging. Always A Woman which came out in 2010 shows the life of one particular woman. thereby slowly pushing the message that Brits can shop at John Lewis throughout every stage of their lives. This is a strong way to promote the company. 


2011 ad that officially started John Lewis’s winning stream in the annual Christmas ad battle. The Long Wait shows a young boy being impatient during the run-up to Christmas day. On Christmas morning we discover grumpy attitude was simply because he couldn’t wait to give his parents their present. This again expresses love within the home. 


This advertisement from 2015 Home Insurance. This is not a Christmas hits however it manages to raise a smile with most viewers. The ad sees a young girl dancing her way around the house, narrowly avoiding accidents as most children do. Most parents can relate to this. Elton Johns soundtrack has been added to the advert to add a sense of sweetness to our screens. 


The above adverts have been created with a lot of thought and culture due to what the UK and the rest of the world tend to enjoy the most, being with the ones they love and focusing on the little things bringing us happiness. This has again helped me to focus on important elements that John Lewis tend to focus on through promoting their company and all they stand for. 

Interview Part 1

John Lewis

Conversations with Tahira

To gather some new information for my John Lewis D&AD brief I have made an important phone call to a family friend who has been working for John Lewis for the past 6 years within one of their biggest most popular East London stores. I thought to get an insight into what it is like working for John Lewis and what could be improved or changed within the store. She has helped me to understand different aspects about the service I hadn’t really thought about. Previously working here full time has helped Tahira to gain experience and knowledge within many part of the company. Getting to know how staff work to the knowledge of the different products sold and the history of the store.

Our phone conversation started by me asking Tahira if it was okay if I could possibly discuss my John Lewis brief with her. She was very pleased that I had chosen this particular brief and is interested in what creative ideas I am looking to include throughout this project. 

Could you tell me a little about John Lewis and your experience?

“As you most probably know John Lewis have been around for so many years and being such an old company they seem to only have started catching up with different aspects of the retail industry over the last 10 years. Things such as putting departments together in a smart way is quite key however John Lewis never really stick to one strategy this is something that continues to change. Obviously not all sections can be changed but there are good ways of cross referencing goods for example, displaying items in two different sections depending how they would fit in. John Lewis is very much about home, filling the home with essentials and pretty items of personal taste which can at times create an expensive look.”

Is John Lewis an easy accessible store and do you feel it is a place for everyone?

“I feel it is very much easily accessed, it welcomes people of all ages and tends to everyones needs. We have escalators as well as lifts for those who need to use them. However we have had a few complaints about the store changing it’s departments regularly. Getting lost in a big store can be irritating which quite a lot of customers tend to argue. It has been known by regular customers that electrical good have always been located on the top floor, this has forever remained the same since they first opened. There are things customers will pick up on that staff will not, quirky things that customers will tell us about on a daily basis which could most probably be improved. John Lewis also have big money so they can invest money in suitable changes.”


This above information I have gathered has really helped me to think about some areas in design and where I could possibly look at designing aspects to help the company and customers. After working in retail myself I understand how retail stores work and have the knowledge of some of the above experiences which has helped me to relate. I am looking have a face to face interview with tahira after brainstorming some initial ideas and looking indepth into the company as well as the brief requirements.

John Lewis


Why John Lewis?

I have decided to chose John Lewis for my D&AD brief for many reasons. The challenge is to make John Lewis more than just a store, looking into way in which it can be improved, adding real values and helping the store to become an integral part of modern living. My mind was straight away filled with exciting ideas as soon as I read through the design brief which helped me to chose wisely. After reading just the first question John Lewis is more than just a high street store. It’s a much-loved part of the fabric of British society. But how can it do more for its customers? made me want to continue reading to find out more. One of the main pointers were to Stay true to the brand but don’t look backwards: this audience can see John Lewis as old-fashioned so avoid the retro / history / heritage route. After working on branding throughout my first term back at University has  inspired me to continue. 

About John Lewis & What they stand for

The John Lewis Partnership has worked in a visionary way of successfully doing business. Happiness is what they stand by for their customers and partners. Dedicated to serving their customers with flair and fairness. 88,900 permanent staff being Partners who own a huge amount of 48 stores across the United Kingdom including 34 department stores, 12 John Lewis at home and shops at St Pancras International and Heathrow Terminal 2. Also a collection of 351 Waitrose supermarkets. Waitrose being one of the highest selling supermarkets of today for it’s good service and quality and joined the John Lewis Partnership in 1937. John Lewis began trading in 1864 on London’s, Oxford Street and has grown to become the largest omni-channel retailers in the UK. An Omni-Channel is relating to a type of retail and sales integrating different methods of shopping available to consumers, for example, online, ordering, in a physical store or by telephone. Their services also include an online and catalogue business helping to promote and be a lot more personal with their customers. The business has annual gross sales of over £11billion which shows just how professional and successful John Lewis is as a company.

Visiting John Lewis | First Research Visit

I took a trip to Westfield Stratford city where one of East London’s biggest John Lewis stores is located. I have visiting this store several times and pretty much know my way around the different sections of the store. I decided to take some photographs of all the departments I had visited before the store closed as I had arrived quite late after a shopping trip with my auntie. Below are the photographs I collected along the way. 

john lewis dept copy.jpg

Every department has it’s own style, kept clean and tidy and pretty much pristine. John Lewis are forever taking care of their store and their quality goods. From a regular customers point of view I have never visited a John Lewis store without it being in the perfect condition. Everything is either sign posted with labels of the products make and price and if not a retail assistant is always available to help with this information. John Lewis is made up of so many different departments including: 

Home&Garden | Electricals | Womenswear | Menswear | Beauty | Baby&Children | Toys | Sports&Leisure | Gifts | Special Offers | Stationary | Sale | Brands

John Lewis very much focuses on well-being, love, family and occasions. Bringing quality to life through business, encouraging suitable living and supporting our communities. Community Matters is John Lewis’s giving scheme that runs throughout both John Lewis and the partnered Waitrose stores. Every three months every store choses 3 community groups to help, customers are involved in helping to decide who gets nominated using a special token to vote. Each store donates £3000 which is shared between the charities due to it’s voted percentage. For example if a charity receives 31% of the vote the will then receive a £910 donation. As most would say charity starts at home and reflectively I can see that John Lewis very much works like a home. 


After gathering some important information and imagery from John Lewis and what they provide as a company I am looking to possibly have a one to one interview with a family friend who currently works for John Lewis which I feel will help me to have a better personal insight about the company.