Alice Moloney

Hot House Talk with Alice Moloney 

Teaching us how to “Celebrate illustration beyond the end image”


Alice Moloney is a unique Illustrator & Creative at Anyways the big sister agency of It’s Nice That. She has many illustration skills with true artistic direction. 

She believes in the interchangeability of different skills and disciplines; one does not have to constrain themselves to one single label, being this designer or illustrator, we are multi-talented.

We are all supposed to learn the same set of skills and train the same way in university, sometimes even outside, teaching ourselves. We, Creatives, can no longer afford to stay in one specific industry performing the same style over and over again, hoping the that it will adapt to different projects, commissions or job offers. We have to find a way to make people understand we are much more than just talented artists. We have to show what we do starting from our sketchbooks. We can offer a package of abilities which goes beyond art itself which we can execute at its best through collaborations.” – Alice Moloney

Inspiring Illustrations

I have taken a little look at Alice’s website which is easy to navigate, filled with many illustrative work pieces designed by the lady herself. She has created designs for Sunday Times, The Guardian, It’s Nice That & Ideo London. One of the art pieces which caught my eye was a beautiful illustrative style book cover design using a variety of some of my favourite colours. The illustrations create a delicate feel. The light greys and beiges work perfectly with the darker shades. 



Book cover design and illustrations for Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Winner of the Best Book Cover Award at the Oberon Book Awards, 2010.

I had a look at some of the illustrations featured inside the book itself. Alice has an amazing way of creating movement within her illustrations using delicate brush strokes. I feel her illustrations could come to life beautifully. 


These images also reminded me of a project I took part in last year at university titled beyond limits. 




Alice’s work has really and truly inspired me and has motivated me to want to experiment a little more with inks and painting. She has also taught me that no matter what someone labels you, you are always so much more. 


Old Vs New

N, S, E, W

Looking back at my photographs from last week I had noticed how Aldgate East, which I like to call our disorganised city, is a very adventurous place. From the buildings and architecture, to the rush of people, to the deliveries and the messy streets, nothing is really in order. The buildings stand in a disorganised way, old next to new, old behind new, old above new etc.

I noticed a N,S,E,W theme within my photographs which I wanted to express visually by editing my images and taking the colour away from the old buildings to create a mix of old vs new. This gives each image a collage look ,without changing or moving the buildings.

I wanted to keep the surrounding objects in colour, to show how we are in the present, near to the date which the photographs were taken. This expresses how sometimes people may dismiss the beautiful architecture and not focus on how London is changing at such a fast pace. I created these images to communicate just how quickly things can change. Old buildings in this area are being knocked down and brand new luxury apartment blocks and offices now stand in their place. It’s sad to see London’s history fade.

Here are some of my pieces. 

1 - Old Building Left

2 - Old building bottom

3 - Old building top

4 - Old building right

5 - old building

6 - old building

Dusk Truck

Pick Me Up

Graphic Arts Festival 2016

I took a trip down to  London’s ‘Pick Me Up’ art fair at Somerset House. Exploring current artists design works. A venue full of independent artist’s pop up stalls, exhibiting and selling their independent designs. Also featuring work from many established artists such as Alan Kitching and the life of letterpress works.

I had found many inspiring pieces which have helped me to see typography differently. I have never been the biggest fan of type however I will be looking to create some type faces over the summer.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Below are some graphic design pieces which held my interest, especially the funky designed mugs on the bottom right.

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg

After visiting this years pick me up event I have been inspired by many young artists. This has helped me to see millions of different styled art pieces and broaden my mind for my future projects.



The Shadows Collaboration

For our final, short two week brief titled THE SHADOWS we have been asked to work in a group of four and five, gathering photographs from a destination of our choice. Choosing just opposites. such as; true vs false, dark vs light, rich vs poor. 

Our group had decided on old vs new and to stay local to our University as there is much to explore in this area.

Today we met at university before making our way to our chosen destination. We grouped into a small group of 5. Hayley, Clelia, Shalini, Silvia & I decided to stay local as we found some interesting aspects of the area around us. We chose Aldgate East as our chosen destination.

Our chosen words being OLD VS NEW. 

We chose to place ourselves at the zebra crossing in the middle of the road & focus on 5 different angles. We swapped after a while focusing mainly on the buildings the rest of our surroundings. Here are a collection of image I have taken over the space of 1 hour. 

Aldgate East doesn’t have much of an organised feel to it, old & new buildings are dotted everywhere.


The technique I used to take my photographs was to angle my phone up, towards the buildings & objects I was taking. The photograph above was an old building on the left & a new building on the right. The old building being shorter than the newer building.


This image has been taken from the same angle of looking up, however there is a difference where the old building is higher than the new building.


The image above has displayed the old building at the bottom of the photograph and the new building higher up behind the old one. Showing a new angle to Aldgate East. 

Here are a collection of the rest of the photographs I had taken.  



I feel we had an adventurous hour working together to gather some interesting photographs. We are looking to put all our photographs together & to pick out the strongest images to use for our final outcomes.


I have noticed some interesting elements within my photographs and it has really made me see Aldgate East in a different light. I am pretty happy with my photographs and I am looking to work on them within the next week.

To see my final images for this project check out my second Shadows blog post Old Vs New.


Duke of Uke | Final Crit

Today was our final Duke of Uke crit where we showed our further improved designs to the Duke of Uke shop owners who had come to visit us at London Met to see what we had come up with in the space of the past three weeks.

It was interesting to see just how far everyone had come. I feel everyone had done a truly amazing job with their designs, it must have been pretty difficult for the shop owners to only chose 5 out of the 15 shown.

PicMonkey Collage 9.jpg

After our final presentations we took a 20 minute break to allow Cecilie & the shop owners to talk amongst themselves to decide on the chosen 5 people who would be then be the ones to continue working with the live brief. Here are my final designs, Five posters and postcard set.

PicMonkey Collage 10.jpg

Our live brief really has pushed us to see just what it would be like to work in the design industry. Helping us to make promotional materials for a shop located in the local area, giving us the idea of how it would be to work for a client. It has also helped to boost my confidence with presentations, this being my 6th one of this year.

Logo Designing

After our Shaping our visual identity lesson with Ricardo I was inspired by the different ways of producing a successful logo design. Using my signature styled hand drawn logo.

Why signature style? 

I have decided to use a signature styled font to express how artists usually sign their art pieces. A slanted more illustrative logo design which will link perfectly with my art pieces. signiature style.jpg

Why Goldxnsoul?

The name of my brand comes from my mother, a name she used to call me when growing up. she always told me I was her golden child with many good intentions. I have also always been drawn to the colour gold which I wear almost everyday. The soul part is connected to my spiritual nature, how I have been brought up around spiritual people and positivity. I am very much connected with my soul and the importance of my spiritual being. Using the X instead of an E helped to bring originality to my brand name and that little piece of love.

Shaping my Identity

Moving on to shaping my identity, I have chosen several shapes to start my design process for my logo. I have tried using the four shapes below, helping me to decide which one will work best.

parallelogram, circle, rectangle and triangle.

Logo Designs.jpg

After experimenting with different shapes, I feel the parallelogram works well and it spaces the letters out, making it easier for people to read. I am going to continue to use this shape for my other visual identity pieces.


Secret 7

Combining music and art for a good cause.


A exciting exhibition raising money for charity. 700 record sleeves containing 7 different vinyls. The covers are designed by creatives from all around the world. Each vinyl is sold for £50 each. It’s unknown who has designed the artwork and which song you have chosen to buy, all is revealed once the vinyl has been purchased.

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg

Every design unique, there was so many to chose from for those purchasing. Many second and third year students designed for the competition and exhibition, they all did extremely well.

To take a look at Secret 7’s vinyl collection and find out more about them check out the website

Exhibition Time

Beyond Limits

Today was the day we set up our exhibition for Beyond Limits. Both years 5 & 6 brought along their final pieces which were displayed in the University’s cafe exhibition space. As it was the last day at Uni before easter break everyone seems happy & excited for the day ahead.

We each chose our own space and displayed our work for the evening exhibition.

PicMonkey Collage 8.jpg

These are my final 5 images and on display. 

We all got the chance to see each other work before the exhibition, everyones designs were out of this world, really inventive & many new born design ideas. Below are some of my favourite images.

PicMonkey Collage 11.jpg

I also loved my good friend Hayley Anne Cox’s bottled galaxies.

PicMonkey Collage 12.jpg

The exhibition gave us a chance to celebrate together, it’s been another amazing study term & getting to know the third year students has been a learning experience.

Hello, It’s Me… Kristen

Hot House Talk with Kirsten.

From Studying to Industry  |  Graduate Student From London Metropolitan University.


She has worked within Publishing, Graphic Design, Movie Making, Manifesto Design, Illustrations, Music Cover Designs, Stage Sets and Back Drops. 

x Memory Palace – year one University project, Creating a font based on memories. 

x Manifesto – mini book full of collages, illustrations and text.

x Letter Press for Box Font

PicMonkey Collage

During her studies at London Met she had done a few of our previous and current projects. Her movie titled Energiography created by recording the sounds of London. A very strong moving image piece. Focusing on all aspects of her journey, mainly two major points ‘what she saw’ and ‘what she heard’. This was very inspiring and has really helped me to take in a lot more information and detail on my every day journeys. This has also helped me with my second project.

PicMonkey Collage 1

The second piece of Kristen’s work I really enjoyed looking at were her Stage Installations for Shadow Play. 

It’s amazing to see just how diverse a professional Graphic Designers work can be. The use of soft colours and materials made the set look dream like, soft to the mind and a fantasy piece.

The third being Kristen’s inventive Visuals for Festivals. Which are placed on a Huge screen behind the main staged DJ. The range of vibrant colours worked perfectly with the vibe of the music which was playing that evening.

The fourth and final piece I really loved was her collage type work which she had designed for music artist Orka. Kristen is currently working on the second design through out this next month.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Very important steps in design. 

Manage your work into an online portfolio.

Do a Junior Design role | Internship, which will prepare you for the Graphic Design Industry.

Important to make contacts and whilst studying to communicate and get to know your studio peers, make friends and not to just go out for drinks but to also share ideas and work as a collective.

Always do research.

Suppliers are only as good as you are | always communicate with whoever prints your work.

Be responsible for your own education.

Always learn what you can about all Adobe programmes.

Don’t ever take the easy way out.

Use all you can for free whilst you have it for example; Screen Printing, Letter Press, Photography Studio, Riso Printer, Laser Cutter. 

Find that one style that works for you.

Photography by Clelia

Beyond Limits | Healing

Exhibition Pieces

Purpose: Enhance | Reveal | Retouch

Mood: Serene | Invisible | Surrealistic

Immpliment: Illustration | Graphic Design

Print Auras 1In the future, things will change, how? we have no clue. However, our imaginations can speak for us and help us to see what’s yet to come.

People do not consciously drain others, but it can happen, we can connect with others energies on a daily basis, which can change our moods and everyday vibes.

Healing is a spiritual process usually lead by those who believe in spiritual energy. Healing is known to be a feeling, something we cannot visually see. Healing is known to be done either sitting down in a comfortable position, feet touching the floor or the lotus position. Can we change this? couldn’t we receive healing any place, any where, any how? with those who may or may not be connected with us? Learning how to transfer energy easily.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see healing happening, who needs healing and who doesn’t. The more happy, content and positive an individual is would be seen through colours.

These images express the healing process in actions, The woman filled with colour represents the healer. The woman walking is in need of healing, she is oblivous of the healer. The healer sends healing through connecting with the other woman’s energy, transferring good, positive energy across to her.

This is the very beginning of the healing process.

PicMonkey Collage 6.jpg