Exhibition Time

Beyond Limits

Today was the day we set up our exhibition for Beyond Limits. Both years 5 & 6 brought along their final pieces which were displayed in the University’s cafe exhibition space. As it was the last day at Uni before easter break everyone seems happy & excited for the day ahead.

We each chose our own space and displayed our work for the evening exhibition.

PicMonkey Collage 8.jpg

These are my final 5 images and on display. 

We all got the chance to see each other work before the exhibition, everyones designs were out of this world, really inventive & many new born design ideas. Below are some of my favourite images.

PicMonkey Collage 11.jpg

I also loved my good friend Hayley Anne Cox’s bottled galaxies.

PicMonkey Collage 12.jpg

The exhibition gave us a chance to celebrate together, it’s been another amazing study term & getting to know the third year students has been a learning experience.


Beyond Limits | Healing

Exhibition Pieces

Purpose: Enhance | Reveal | Retouch

Mood: Serene | Invisible | Surrealistic

Immpliment: Illustration | Graphic Design

Print Auras 1In the future, things will change, how? we have no clue. However, our imaginations can speak for us and help us to see what’s yet to come.

People do not consciously drain others, but it can happen, we can connect with others energies on a daily basis, which can change our moods and everyday vibes.

Healing is a spiritual process usually lead by those who believe in spiritual energy. Healing is known to be a feeling, something we cannot visually see. Healing is known to be done either sitting down in a comfortable position, feet touching the floor or the lotus position. Can we change this? couldn’t we receive healing any place, any where, any how? with those who may or may not be connected with us? Learning how to transfer energy easily.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see healing happening, who needs healing and who doesn’t. The more happy, content and positive an individual is would be seen through colours.

These images express the healing process in actions, The woman filled with colour represents the healer. The woman walking is in need of healing, she is oblivous of the healer. The healer sends healing through connecting with the other woman’s energy, transferring good, positive energy across to her.

This is the very beginning of the healing process.

PicMonkey Collage 6.jpg