What is a type face? How do we use it?

Type and font is highly used in advertising around the world. We use type to communicate with people and the world around us. Helvetica being one of the most popularly used typefaces of all time.

Ricardo Recommends Helvetica

Researching about Helvetica and what it tells us today has helped me to gather some interesting information about how helvetica has been used over the years and present.

Helvetica font.jpg

What is Helvetica?

Helvetica is one of the most popular san serif typefaces in the world designed in Switzerland, 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann at the Haas type foundry which was originally controlled through using Linotype. This famous typeface was created to be neutral, to not give an impression or have any type of meaning in itself. Based on the idea that type within design should give no in-depth meaning.

Helvetica has been used for many advertisements such as transport text, packaging, fashion, and warning signs we see day to day within the busy city. This trailer has helped me to recover how this particular font is regularly used for road and transport signs, which links perfectly with my theme for my journey’s project.


Negatives and Positives

My Tallys

I have gathered a tally of how people felt due to their facial expressions on a few of my journey’s. Below are the journey’s I felt helped me gather some interesting information.

Oxford Circus | I have put together a series of blog posts connected to my trip to oxford street. On my visit I noticed most people were happy due to the beautiful atmosphere. Music, lights & happy people always helps a day out to be 100 x better than expected. Photographs I have taken can be found on my blog, post titles  The Lights of London & Bokeh Experiment.

East Beckton | On my East Beckton car journey, most people seemed either focused on miserable whilst driving, which did put my mood down a little. However, I was in the car with my family & we always play upbeat soulful house music whilst driving anywhere. We also played a game called Yellow Car. Only managing to gather 3 smiles today, but 3 being better then noneThe photographs I have gathered from this journey can be found on my blog, post titled Working with Bokeh.

Columbia Road Flower Market | On my visit to Columbia Road flower market, most people were upbeat, smiling and full of joy. I feel the weather helped a great deal this day as the market was packed & if the weather was dull everyone feel a little less happy. There were a few people irritated by the busy crowds but the majority of people were all smiles & hellos. The photographs I gathered from my outing can be found on my blog, post titled What A Wonderful World.

Closer To Home | On my closer to home journey on my way to the station I took the long route past West Ham park observing nature and my surroundings. I noticed how the majority of people living in my area love their designer shoes. I tallied up as usual. Photographs of my surroundings can be found on my blog, post titled 9AM Psychogeography Walk.

Creating tally’s on my journeys has really helped me to observe more when travelling. It has also helped spring up some fresh new ideas for my journeys project. 


Stay humble, stay hopeful.

L O K A I is a successful business created by Steven Izen. His designs are linked to journey’s taken & the circle of life.

Sometimes you’ve hit a low… A few years ago, I found myself in a moment of sadness, for my grandfather who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The black bead of the lokai bracelet holds mud from the Dead Sea to represent this moment, when I felt at my lowest point” – Steven Izen


Izen soon realised the necessity of staying balanced in life especially through hard times as well as good times. He has created these bracelets that mirrors life ebb’s & flows based on the pretence that life is circular, riddled with ups & downs highs & lows. With these wearable reminders Izen can share this message with the world. People from all over the world have purchased these bracelets & wear them with confidence.

Balance is always needed.

The different colours link to different areas; for example, the pink bracelet is linked to Breast Cancer, the blue for World Water, the green for Balance. 

You can also join the circle online, linking your pictures with other peoples photographs from around the world. Here are some photographs others have taken on their travels.


Easter Break

My cousin has also purchased some of these bracelets for our family. I have taken some photographs at home during the Easter Break as I was feeling very unwell but I still continued to work whenever I could. I have taken some images with the bracelets to show others the beauty of my home.

LOKAI 1.jpg


Existing Tube Posters

Gathering research.

On my tube journeys, which I take regularly I have gathered some photographs of tube posters I have seen on my outings. The images below are some of many that caught my eye. From just looking & observing these tube poster designs I have come to realise colours are always a key element to most tube poster designs, as they help us to enjoy gathering new information. colours are definitely a strong element of advertising.


After taking a second look at the photographs I had taken I noticed how my eyes would always move straight to the designs using circles. The circle works as a stop symbol, to hold peoples attention. I am looking to incorporate the circle symbol within my final poster designs.

Mapping Using Bokeh

Mapping my route.

Once arriving at Columbia Road Flower Market, I mapped out my journey, venturing around the market taking photographs of the beautiful flowers being sold at bargain prices. Using the bokeh effect I have used the bokeh dots to represent the route I had taken.

Mapping with Bokeh

The background images both being my favourite flowers at the market. The bright colours expressed the happy vibes at the market as it was a celebration day for mothers of the world. Many smile faces & happy people gathered to buy flowers and to also enjoy the sunny weather.

Mapping with Bokeh Pink

You can find my Columbia Road Flower Market Photographs at

What a Wonderful World

Columbia Road Flower Market

Mothers Day was spent at the beautiful Columbia Road Flower Market. Taking in the sunshine and the busy market my family and I enjoyed the view with a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and a cup of tea we ventured out to explore the busy market to purchase some flowers. I took some photographs on my journey.

flower market.jpg

I am looking to use these photographs to create some interesting maps for my journey’s project. The image below is of my very own orchid only costing me £5



Illustrator Mapping

Illustrator Tutorial with Ricardo.

Friday lunch time was dedicated to learning some essential new skills using Illustrator. Ricardo took us through a 60 minute tutorial teaching us tools and the step by step process of mapping our local area.

Data Visualisation .jpg

Step by step process

  • Open Document – A4 – Colour Mode | RGB – Landscape – OK
  • Open Artboards
  • Double click artboard to resize to original
  • Create 5 New Layers
  • Layer 1 – Map
  • Layer 2 – Data
  • Layer 3 – Text 
  • Layer 4  – Key
  • Layer 5 – Colour
  • Using the map layer, place the image on this layer, resize to a reasonable size
  • Moving to data layer, add route to map using the line tool

Moving to key layer, create a key with shape symbols (we used circles) each circle at a different size for example smallest circle – 5 people, small circle – 10 people, medium circle – 15 people, big circle – 20 people. Using the colour layer, create a new colour palette, using one already made titled Nature we colour coded our key and map data. This lesson has helped me to learn how to map data in a digital form using Illustrator.

Working With Bokeh

What is Bokeh?

I feel the Bokeh effect is pretty interesting to look at, the details in the lighting similar to bubbles have a calming look and the colours and simplicity within bokeh images can help individuals to relax during a hard day.

The Lights of London

This weekend I took a trip down to Oxford Street with my Best Friend to do some last minute Christmas shopping. On our journey we took some beautiful pictures of the surrounding lights. They created such an amazing atmosphere along with the singers filling Central London with Christmas Spirit. The little things can add so much magic. 

lights 2lights

Following my Lights of London work, I tested this effect on two of my images. PicMonkey Collage lights.jpgCarrying on with my journey’s development I took photographs on one of my evening trips with the family, a monthly trip we take to the supermarket to get our monthly food shopping.

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage lights 2

I have also added the Bokeh effect to a few of these images which seemed to work well.


On my travels I have taken some new photographs of objects and lights that have added quality to my journeys. I have then developed these images into Bokeh images a theme I am interested in using for my journeys project. Once adding a subtle blur it has added a whole new look to my photographs also adding the look of movement and calming colouring.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg

Animation experiment

I have been experimenting with my Bokeh photography images for project 2. My main idea is to create a more quality journey for people of the world. Helping those who travel on the tube daily  to keep calm on their travels.For example it is rather difficult to stay calm on our way to work sometimes, many things can become a hold back, for example; delays, running late, leaving our oyster cards at home etc. To help the people of London feel content I wanted to  creating some colourful moving images which could be displayed on the underground.


Above is my first example, which could be used as a long poster displayed with other advertisements above below the tube map which is displayed above passengers. The colours I have chosen are Purple, Pink, Yellow and White. I feel they are very calming colours which bring a sense of warmth.


My second example is to be displayed in the tube station where other portrait poster are seen to be displayed, helping those waiting for the tube to stay calm & relaxed before ever stepping foot on the train.


The Follow Me Collection

“Who wouldn’t follow her around the world?” – Murad Osmann

Glamorous Journalist Nataly Zakharova takes her man Photographer Murad Osmann by the hand and leads him around the world as he captures their signature pose wearing the  most stunning, elaborate outfits. Each image is taken from Osmann’s view point in some of the worlds most beautiful locations. In only 11 months these photographs were captured, visually explaining their adventurous journeys.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Description of images 1 to 12

  1. Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France. 
  2. Traditional dress at the Moscow Kremlin.
  3. Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.
  4. Brighton Beach, an oceanside neighbourhood in Southern Brooklyn, NYC.
  5. Rooftop in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain.
  6. On the rooftop of Gaudi’s Casa Mila, or La Pedrera, in the Example district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. 
  7. Stepping into the Sunset at Monaco Dock.
  8. Strolling down East London’s famous Brick Lane.
  9. Looking out to sea in the village of Eze, France.
  10. Observing the curious Leandro Erlich Installation in East London.
  11. At their Art Basel Exhibition of the Follow me series they created at the versace Mansion in Miami.
  12. At the Statue of Liberty in New York City – New Years Day, 2014


The collection of the Russian couples photographs are soon to become a book. 

To have a look at more of the series images, click the link below

Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova | Follow Me Collection

Whale Hunt

Jonathan Harris – Artist, Computer Scientist and Storyteller

PicMonkey Collage 2

The Whale Hunt was created as an experimental interface for storytelling. Starting with an real work story full of interesting design problems though content and metadata.

PicMonkey Collage 3

How to present a large number of photographs online while keeping downloading times relatively brief – How to express both the topography of the entire narrative and the ways in which any single moment fits int that narrative – How to extract and reveal the many sub stories occurring within the context of the larger story – How to convey the many feelings experienced on the hunt (bored, fatigue, excitement, exhaustion, curiosity) and how to restage an real work experience through using the internet. 

At the bottom of the screen is a timeline that represents the Whale Hunt recording your journey, Beginning to end. Pictured as a medical heartbeat graph which corresponds to the photographic frequency. The visible photograph is indicated by the red bar. When you move the cursor along the timeline can help the viewers and users to select a single moment in time.

PicMonkey Collage 4.jpg

The idea is clever but not to my best interests. I have had a brief look at the site and how it works. My understanding of The Whale Hunt is the recording of every moment spent before during and after each hunt. Some of the pictures are upsetting if you are an animal lover I would advise you not to use the site.