After experimenting with the circle throughout my on your marks project I wanted to push my logo designs further adding to my development and the meaning behind the brand name. I have researched the Yin&Yang symbol & it’s theory however, this has been over used and is a pretty cliche approach, mainly used for yoga & cultural orientated projects. Seen as Oh Gee Pie has no relevance to these areas I had to scrap my first design ideas and move onto something different.


I thought to look into some more symbolic shapes and symbols and the meanings behind them. The peace sign is another symbol which stands for tranquility, peace, harmony & togetherness & has a pretty hippy design approach. The peace sign is related to the broken cross, standing for both peace & freedom. However, this has also been overused and is again a cliche idea. 


The family tree is another path I thought of taking my project, this has been used over the years as a symbol for love, family & friendship. I felt this was a very obvious approach and maybe not the best way to take this project. 


Next I had a look into the Infinity Symbol and how it still uses a circle shape, a continuous line which is forever joined together. This symbol stands for togetherness, love, equality & everlasting. When looking back at my previous logo designs this idea had sprung to mind, working with the O & G creating my own unique infinity sign. 


Stencilling Experiment ∞

Over the weekend after receiving some feedback from Emily on my blog I have decided to follow her advice of testing out some stencilling using my concept of the Yin&Yang symbol i’ve been experimenting with throughout my design process. I have designed and created my own stencil and using different coloured acrylic paints have created some stencil prints. 

I am happy with my stencil designs, however I don’t feel these are as successful as my messy design pieces. I will be continuing with using the above symbols and experimenting with different ways I can design these. 

Wanstead Park ∞

An inspirational trip, experiencing the grounding process and freedom of the mind.

This evening the family, puppy and I took a trip to Wansted Park, not too far from where I live. A truly beautiful place filled with nature, aches of land, water and wildlife. The perfect escape for those who need a moment of silence or some peaceful time away. Doing a project based on spirituality, family and love has made me realise how important it is to take this step, venturing out into the forest where the beauty of our surroundings become our focus. This trip has been a huge help creatively and spiritually.

The first place we found was hidden, which reminded me of the back of my grandma’s garden. When me and my sister were younger we always used to spend hours there, we called it the forest. The atmosphere made me feel at home and happy. 

My puppy Nelly had been running in a figure of 8 around us, an infinity symbol on it’s side. This helped me to think about how the infinity symbol links very closely to family, love and togetherness. 

nature full.png

Continuing through the park we found some beautiful buildings which had been standing here for many years. Each building surrounded by land and nature. 


As the evening was coming to a close and the moon started to rise we decided to make our way back to where started. The moonlight had really made the park look stunning and sharing this evening with the ones I love had made this a very enjoyable experience.  


My favourite photographs have to be the last photographs I’ve taken of my beautiful little cousin and her friend sitting by the lake. Seeing the young ones interacting with nature and the wildlife,  really reflects togetherness.


cropped together.png


Marble Experiment ∞

Experimenting with acrylic paints, food colouring, materials and ingredients. 

Over the weekend I experimented with some different materials creating some new design ideas for my brand concept. I am sticking to my idea of The Creative Mess In The Kitchen & The Yin&Yang Theory. After experimenting with different mediums in our observation lesson really opened my mind to the ways in which patterns can be uniquely made. Producing handmade design pieces also adds to what OGP stands for. 

Inspiration & Research.

I first did some researching on existing messy art pieces using vibrant colours. Below are some art pieces I found on Pinterest. Looking into this has helped me to come across some beautiful marble art pieces.

Speckswirl | Carach Jacqueline Swann | from her Patternity collection.


I looked into different ways of successfully making messy marble patterns. Watching YouTube videos helped me to use the best materials for this process. I wanted to including kitchen cupboard ingredients linking very much to my chosen client brief and it’s values. 


Development | Experimentation.

After researching I have decided to create my own marble design pieces using the below products, equipment and ingredients. 


My first step was using milk and blue food colouring. 

milk and food colouring.jpg

I added a drop of washing up liquid on top of the colours which made them disperses creating a dream like galaxy effect. 

blue patterns with washing up liquid.jpg

I dipped some paper into the liquid creating a print of the pattern. this didn’t work the way I wished it to, however I am still at the experimental stage of my project.

first attempt.jpg

My next step was adding drips of red and purple acrylic paint to my mixture.  

prints 6.jpg

I am happy with the above prints and feel with some editing could be very successful. 

I decided to have another look through my kitchen cupboards to see what else I could add to the mixture to create some new inventive patterns. I used PVA glue to create a scribble effect adding more detail. This was an experiment so I had no idea how it would pan out. 



I also experimented using brown food colouring to get some different effect using subtle colours to see how they would transfer onto paper.

smoky brown.jpg


I am looking to take the above experiment further, experimenting with new colours and materials, maybe using a range of textured paper types to see how the patterns transfer in different ways. I am also looking to edit my designs using photoshop. This experiment has really taught me to work outside my comfort zone and helped me to start producing a varied body of work for my project. 




JKR Global Studio | Jones Knowles Richie.


Today’s early morning trip was with our studio leader Emily Penny visiting JKR Global Studios in Camden. The building was stunning, it had a very modern tone to it and a welcoming feel. The conference room we were in for our meeting was professionally lit and set out. We were introduced to the company and learnt a little about what they do before being introduced to individual designers project work.

“We’re an independent design agency with studios in London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai. We believe that great design helps brands grow, by abandoning the generic and relentlessly pursuing the unmistakable.”

We were introduced to one of JKR’s staff members, one of the main designers at the company who took us on a creative journey through their design processes and live projects. They have worked alongside some very well known companies such as; 


The style used through out their design work is clean cut, using colour and modern style graphics.

Hippeas | A hippie style brand. Original Chickpea Puffs.

This design project straight away caught caught my eye. The colours compliment each other throughout the design as well as the illustration used on the packets and the brands merchandise. Creating a hippie style playing with the brand name is also a clever concept. I have to say this is definitely one of my favourites.


We soon moved onto touring the building. Getting an insight into what it would be like to work at JKR. The offices were spacious and sectioned into design qualities. Everybody seemed hard at work. They had a few comfortable corners filled with beanbags and sofas where they could relax which I thought was a nice idea. Also a book area, a bar and conference rooms. 

gdn g.jpgstand


All JKR stands for is a huge eye opener for me, I learnt a lot visiting a professional studio, the ways in which the teams work together and as well as independently, seeing how people work around the office, every one very much seemed at home and comfortable at work. I also learnt just how important a concept within branding stands strong, creating a personal audience. 

Exploring Camden Market

camden lock.jpg

The rest of our morning we had time to adventure around Camden Market looking for brand identities and signage. I am a lover of Camden Town and it’s artistic surroundings which has always inspired me. I enjoyed being out in the fresh air amongst the creativity. My favourite part of the market has to be the stable market which is undercover filled with boutique stores and pop up shops very different from the high street. Sticking to my brief I first focused on sweet stalls. Most sat outside the stable market where the smell of delicious food filled the air. Each stand had very different branding however all had personality and style.

stalls copy.png

The next section of the market introduced visitors to more food both sweet and savoury. Individual independent brands most designs below are using typography and two tone colours for their logo designs. 


Below are some images of Camden’s biggest bakeries. Their food is handmade, fresh ly made everyday. The displays are professionally laid out in colours. The room is very spacious and the interior kept minimal with a lot of use of brick work creating a warm homely feel.


The third section of the market was surrounded by stalls, small tends holding clothing, fashion items, objects for the home, mostly handmade. This beautiful printed fabric caught my attention. The intricate patterns and use of repetition and minimal colours work well together. I was tempted to purchase however it would have been a impulse buy.


Elephant Fabric print | Camden Market.


Josiah Amari | Homemade products in store. 


Visiting Camden Market has helped me to see creative brands in action. How the brands values are expressed through all the handmade products sold. How the people selling the items are welcoming and are full of personality, people really do add to the experience. 



The Yin&Yang Theory. 

The story of Yin∞Yang and it’s fundamental features.

Working similarly to Einstein’s E = mc², the Yin&Yang symbol stands for something very elemental very much connected with the word Balance. On this earth balance is always needed, helping us to connect with right and wrong, good and bad. However, there is a lot more we need to focus on which is not always explained. The Ying&Yang symbol does not only stand for the above. Everything contains this theory. Two very opposite yet complementary energies. Both as meaningful as each other in other words, interdependent. On can’t exist without the other;  e.g. night and day, light and dark, summer and winter, spring and fall, sunrise and sunset.

Yin | Black 

Yang | White


The beginning of Yin∞Yang.

Dated back to 700 B.C.E | originated to the I Ching, the book of changes. 

A strong written piece by C.G. Jung, translated into English by Richard Wilhelm and Cary F Baynes, focused on universal energy. This is helping us to understand the representation of the word balance, how opposites work and their importance, the unfolding of events and change. This has been a huge part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, led by it’s principles  being a true expression and a different spiritual way of seeing the world. 


Balance & Harmony.

Yin contains a seed of Yang being the white dot this connects the two elements. The truth to this theory is Yin can transform into Yang and they are together, touching one another sharing qualities. When two things become balanced they are equal however still separate. Similarly to a relationship, we are two people but together we are one, the ways in which love works is to build a solid bond which works between two people. This then introduces harmony, creating an embodied figure, swirling and blending both elements. 


The Seasons.

This theory is seen in the change of the seasons; the cold of winter moves on to the warmth of spring and then the summer heat touches the chilled nights in fall and rotates back around to winter. The Yin&Yang symbol turned different ways represents the seasons. 

Personal Health & Feelings.

Everything in our lives when we are alive, strong and well flows perfectly. Our mind, bodies, emotions, and soul can adjust correctly to the situations happening in our lives. This is also a strong connection to the element of balance. | Traditional Chinese Medicine. The TCM treatment has been created to balance out the Yin&Yang in everybody. The theory expresses power and the importance of our health and well being.


Below is a picture I found online after researching Yin&Yang. Expressing all it stands for. Most ways in which both Yin & Yang opposites connect. 


“If you can understand Yin&Yang you can hold the universe in your hands.” – unknown.

Circles ∞

Concept Idea for OGP.

After researching the brand, their personality and all they stand for I have been experimenting with circles a lot throughout my project, keeping the feel of the products Oh Gee Pie sells e.g pies, biscuits, cakes. Below are some of my circle designs. 

dsb f.png

I designed these patterns continuing independently after our Observation lesson, these are quick detailed sketches of my thoughts being different patterns of pie lids. The marking used to decorate the pies. 

Moving onto experimenting with my messy ink image created during our observation lesson. I feel this was successful due to it reflecting the mess we create in the kitchen full of colour and patterns. This would work well with OGP’s brand as they were looking for a hip and vibrant design. I edited the design using photoshop adding capacity and more warmth to the image. 


After editing my image I decided to experiment again with the circle, adding a better shape and meaning to my pattern work. Below are two different styles, one using a more sharp graphic, edgy look.


texture-uohnI moved on to developing different ways in which I could section my different patterns, creating realistic pie slices and introducing my main concept, the ying∞yang theory. 


I am proud of myself finally working outside my comfort zone, usually I tend to use only techniques such as illustration & graphic softwares because it is what I’m used to. Developing these fast pace design pieces has helped me to become confident with experimenting as I am known to be a perfectionist when producing new pieces. 

I am looking to develop this further within the next couple of weeks, working with different mediums, techniques and styles. Experimenting a lot with vibrant colours and messy patterns mainly using products and ingredients we use in the kitchen linked to concepts of the creative mess in the kitchen & the ying∞yang theory. 

Design & Visualisation 1.0

Lesson with Ricardo.

Today we worked together in groups to visualise aims focusing on key areas, ideas and narratives which bring the brand we have chosen to explore to life. Artwork and Design play huge roles in this process placing primary design materials into realistic and everyday environments. This task was set for us to analyse and strip down key aspects of the products brand, visualisation through research and investigation. I worked with my studio peer Miss.Clelia to produce a case study linked to one of Oh Gee Pie’s infinity brands Four and Twenty Black Birds. 

Brand: Four and twenty blackbirds 

Four and twenty blackbirds was founded in 2010 in Brooklyn. It has expanded over many years and became one of the most successful, professional pie cafes in America. Clelia and I have worked on this task together focusing on collecting photographs and imagery, grouping them together into different categories and commenting for further discussion. We then worked on describing in depth to the rest of the class. Below is the case study we created together.

Photography, Texture & Colours. 

Visually seeing the flavours

Close ups

Marco Photography

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.45.03.png

The pictures are high quality close ups. Marco photography allows you to feel close to the product, and imagine more clearly how it feels like, tastes like, smells like. The colours and the details help visualising the flavour. The photographs that include hands are evidence the product is hand-made from beginning to the end. Hand-made food require dedication and time that values the effort that goes into the process.

Website & On-site Type.




Easy to read and navigate

All key information included

Colours complement each other in the images and text

On the website the chosen typeface expresses simplicity and confidence. It represents a direct and bold approach. The minimalistic layout and background of the website makes the brand stand out keeping the main focus on the products. Type and images use complementary colours. Contrast between red black and white work well together. Everything is spaced out quite evenly making the website easy for visitors and customers to access and navigate. The interior design reflects the brand’s personality and characteristics.

Exterior & Interior. 





Food presentation.



Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.52.51.png 

The food presentation reflects the minimalistic aspect of the brand both on the table and in the box. The colour and texture are the most appealing characteristic of it.

Photography of People. 





Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.53.02.png

Including pictures of the staff and suppliers during their work on the website makes the brand feel more approachable, human and welcoming.

The Logo. 


Bright colours


The shape of the brand evokes the shape of the pies they make. It is layered the same way the products are made. The bright yellow reminds of the pies once cooked (golden) and gives a happy touch to the look of the brand. The type is once again evenly spaced out and perfectly adjusted to the shape of the circle. It works better in ball and white.



This session has taught us how to collaborate and share ideas linked to brand design and the ideas behind designing and creating a brands identity professionally. This is the second task we have run through linked to creating a case study. I am looking to produce my own linked to my design ideas and concepts for Oh Gee Pie.

Creating Concept


Our Friday studio session was spent creating our own independent concept boards. Including all the relevant imagery and words helping us to express the ideas behind our design processes for our live client briefs. 

Name of the brand – Images showing the target audience | customer – 5 Brand Values – 2 Images of Affinity Brands –  Extra images setting the mood | tone – Images of the actual products – Inspiration linked closely to ideas. 

Design Ideas

Below are a list of my creative thoughts and the ways in which I am looking to develop my ideas further. 

Patterns linked to what dreams would look like whilst being created – Colours and patterns representing ideas coming together – Community – The seasons – Visualising home – Family & Friends – Flavours = Colours – Explosions in the kitchen – Creative mess – Bringing people together – Love being everything – Good vibes & Positivity. 

Below is my finished concept board, I know it is pretty packed with images and writing however I feel it’s important to include as much information and visuals as possible helping to express my concept ideas so far. On the left are the Name of the brand, Images of the products, Colour Palettes and Pantones “which I designed and created last week linked to one of our previous tasks titled Values & Colour” and also a collection of words explaining the brand as a whole. The middle section is showing 5 important brand values, 2 Images of Affinity Brands, Extra images setting the mood | tone and inspirational images linked to the brand and it’s story. Last but not least on the right is my concept section, with images and words linked to my initial ideas.

I am looking to focus on togetherness, the home-made factor of Oh Gee Pie and all they stand for, e.g. love, dreams, community and good vibes. I am looking to produce some multi media pieces creating explosions of colour expressing the creative mess we make in the kitchen, after all a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen whilst cooking. I would also like to link feelings and maybe the seasons and how they play a big role at OGP and their “limited edition seasonal pies”. 

concept board space.jpg

Creating a concept board has really helped me to push my ideas together successful, linking the key words with images, adding my own personal touch. I am looking forward to moving on with this project and using different medias to create some exciting experimental work next. 

After gaining some feedback from Emily regarding my concept board, I have designed a new, much more limited concept board which may still be holding too much imagery however this is much more to the point and has the main features of my concept ideas and the brands personality. I want to keep my first one due to it being an important reflection of my design process and thinking. I feel it works well as a page full of thoughts.

new concept board I.jpg