Over the weekend I have been racking my brain trying to find the right direction for my FMP. I have worked on my previous idea by gathering research on retreats, artist research and visuals to support my project idea. However, I feel I was touching on an area that is not 100 percent touching on a product or service.

Me being a perfectionist really does not help me sometimes, after procrastinating for a while I have finally changed my main subject idea from music and feeling to hidden identities and how they can be expressed. I am looking to come up with the branding for a service helping those to find their true-selves. We all have our own identities, however we are not always in touch with who we are or how we express ourselves to others. I will be researching different types of identities, how they can shift, align and change due to experience and connections. There will still be aspects of music and feeling throughout my work. 


x self growth

x self expression

x mindfulness

x being able to express what’s behind our eyes

x behind our features

x expressing our mind

x expressing our true identities

x outer and inner body experiences

x having to leave ourselves to come back to our true selfs

x healing processes research

x base colours being – nude shades – black & white

x double exposure imagery?

x creating a range of surrealism portraits

x unmasking the true you 

x portraits of what we need

x thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions

description notes: sometimes we can feel powerless, feel we may lack strength throughout life. the things we do, the clothes we wear, the people we chose to be around helps to create how we love.

mood board x concept board.

Below is a montage of images which I have put together expressing the direction I would like to go down visually for my project. I want to also come out of my comfort zone and use materials I have not experimented with much, being collage, painting and photography. I am also looking to use graphic design and illustration as elements too, I want to make my work have an effect on viewers and be meaningful and effective. 

fmp concept board.


After working on my fmp for a day I feel I have made massive progress. Changing my idea has made me more excited for this module and I cannot wait to bring this idea to life. 


Christine Jamet

First interview | Professional Architect, Christine Jamet. 

For research for both my Cafe for the Future project and my FMP I thought it would help me to find out some interesting information about Architecture. I have always had a love for Architecture and the ways artistry and design is put together to build huge structures we call home. 

Christine Jamet is a Freelance Architect living in East London. She works very much from home in her study | office which is where she finds her creativity flows best. As I have not met Christine yet, even through she is a friend of the families my auntie suggested that I have a quick phone conversation with Christine discussing my interests for Architecture, Interior and Exterior design. I introduced myself and let Christine know about my studies and projects. She shared her interests in Graphic Design and she let me know that Graphic Design and Architecture are both creative fields, however are in many ways very different. She also discussed how Architecture is very much to do with focusing on using spaces efficiently. 

“Working in Architecture has helped me to realise the difference between different creative fields.  Us designers all have an eye for something however I could never get into Graphic Design as I feel my mind doesn’t work in such a diverse way where I can come up with a concept, explore different areas of that concept and design linked to the ways in which Graphic Design is structured. I feel most of us creatives are very much perfectionist, we have an eye for something and if the designs do not come out how we want them we will continue to work until they are right. Being an Architect is my passion and I honestly enjoy every minute of it.”

Question: “Are you working for anyone in particular at the moment?”

“I am currently working on a project for a place based in Covent Garden. I am working with a Graphic Designer who has come up with the concept and design ideas for the brand helping to open up the business to become successful. I cannot go into any more detail due to this being an unfinished job and discussions must be kept to a minimum.”

Question: “Is it possible if we could meet to have a coffee and a more in-depth talk about Architecture so I could maybe gather some helpful information for my projects?”

“Of course Nicole, it would be my pleasure, your auntie alison has assured that we do not live too far away from each other. You are more than welcome to come and visit me anytime as I work from home. Just give me a text or a call and we can sort out a suitable time.”


After Christine had shared her contact details with me I let her go due to us both having work to focus on. This has already been a help to hear an Architects views on how the design world works and how collaborating with designers from different fields can help your creative process. I will be meeting with Christine very soon.

Researching Retreats

Researching | The first stages of my FMP

For my final major project I am looking at creating a service, a retreat where people can stay for a period of time and go through a series of activities and workshops which will help them to reach their potential of 100% focusing on their emotional wellbeing. After discussing my idea with my studio leader Emily Penny and gaining some positive feedback I have researched a few places which I feel are real retreats however, each working in their own unique ways. I have been researching into the different types of retreats that already exist, many have been build for many different reasons. 

List of Existing Retreats 

Health & Fitness | Spiritual  | Well-Being | Eco Friendly | Solitude | Fasting  | Nature | Day Over Night | Family | Church | Business | Marriage | City. 

Emily had suggested I take a look at a website called Designers Anonymous where unknown creative agencies work on building the creative design work behind charismatic brands. Their aim is to help clients surprise, delight and inspire their audiences through charismatic communications. 


The Ecopod | The Boutique Retreat

The Ecopod is one of Design Anonymous’s inspirational branding ideas. A west coast venue focusing on human habitations. A unique service/retreat in Zendome, Berlin where their Ecopod’s now stand. The Ecopod is light filled, open plan and a relaxing space right near the coastline. A pleasurable experience, luxurious interiors and other vacation facilities. The Ecopod’s work similarly to a hotel, a place to stay however touch on many different features. The pods leave no permanent footprints on the earth, the dome has been made from natural products and materials. All appliances have been selected especially to save power and the usage is kept to a minimum. All wood used within the ecopod’s have been FSC-accredited from the local forests. Wood pellet biomass stoves are used as heating and all furniture are recycled pieces or hand crafted. Their service has been created for travellers to escape to a guilty free 5* zone with no regrets and can be booked at a very reasonable price.

Below is a diagram | info graphic of how the Ecopod has been structured and laid out. 


A Home In The Skies | Escaping The World

Similarly to how the Ecopod has been created I have found a retreat A Home In The Skies located in California. A retreat for those who are looking to escape the world. A natural sustainable tree house that fits in harmoniously into it’s natural surroundings. Designed with many Eco-Friendly features such as compost loos and solar heating. Living off the grid is the perfect retreat. Below are some interesting photographs expressing how the treehouse stands alone and is hidden. 



 On the website their were reviews posted, below are two of my favourites. 

“With many struggling with the stresses of a fast-paced and pressured lifestyle, in a technology and social-media filled world, a life away from it all can be very appealing.”

“Whether you want an eco-escape or have designs on running your very own nature hotel, the advice is clear: Do your homework and get the right advice. Then, the sky’s the limit – quite literally!”

Creative Retreats | The Spaces

The next website I decided to have a look at is called The Spaces. Helping people to find inspiring places in remote locations. This particular website explains how retreats are no longer just the preserve of hippies and health fanatics. It has now become a service for the world to enjoy and take part in and also springing up with creatives in mind. From a Tadao Ando-designed haven in Mexico to a recording studio in a Norwegian cabin, these are spaces to re-charge and re-inspire artists far away from the pressures of daily life. 

The photograph below is one of the eight places advertised on The Spaces webpage for creatives. An amazing piece of architecture based on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This space has been recommended to creatives such as artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, curators and designers. Located on a tiny remote piece of land off the north east coast of Newfoundland, Fogo Island Arts welcomes creatives from across many disciplines. The aim of these cabins are to help to encourage tourist to visit this amazing location. Guests can stay in four cabins designed by amazing architect Todd Saunders. Every cabin is built on metal stilts and each one is located in it’s own unique space across the landscape. In true retreat style each hut is off the grid, away from all the others and powered by solar panels heated by wood burning stoves. However, for those who need internet connection this is still available. 

Below are three photographs of the cabins exteriors and interiors. 




Lillstreet Loft | Art Therapy

Lillstreet Loft is a beautiful venue located in Chicago. Located in the heart of Ravenswood, Lillstreet Loft started off as your typical event rental space. Being pretty functional they have worked on an amazing one day art therapy retreat. Not being your usual retreat away from the rest of the world but being around others who have a passion the same as yours. Working on producing beautiful pieces of art which will help to relax the mind body and soul releasing stress and focusing on mindfulness. After immersing yourself in the creative process for the day, you’ll leave feeling relaxed, restored and holding a masterpiece to show off at home.


Lillstreet quotes “It’s going to take more than a ray of sunshine to restore our souls: A dose of inspiration is what we really need to see the light.”


Looking into and researching different unique retreats has helped me to open my mind and think creatively when designing my retreat for my FMP. The wide open spaces and natural environments tend to be a key element to most peaceful resorts and spaces. I am going to continue my research as well as put my ideas together into a concept board helping me to see what stage my project is at so far. 

Cerebral Fantasies

Artist & Musician Alyssa Silva | Collage & Installation Art.

I have come across another artist who’s focuses on music whilst creating her art installations. Using the collage technique Alyssa takes us to a dream world through her use of imagery designing sweet escapes. Being connected to the music scene Alyssa uses her knowledge of music and her skills to create inventive design visuals. Recently moving from California to Jacksonville, Florida has helped her to experience the artistic community first hand exploring many art venues such as house shows and exhibitions with new acquaintances to make movements throughout the creative industries. 

Her main techniques through art and music are focusing on nature, dreams & psychedelia. Expressing her life experiences using collective photographs and colours connecting with her current emotions. She is very much in awe with the beauty of nature and it’s patterns; for example, the wings of a butterfly, the ways in which they move with so much freedom, the intricate beauty, the delicacy and smooth movements. Being surrounded by nature and noticing these small yet not so simple things are a mind opener, an inspiration. 


Unfortunately all of Alyssa Silva’s collage pieces are Untitled. However, I have analysed these pieces whilst listening to my own choice have music and they have created a peaceful tranquil state of mind. I am enticed by colours, imagery creating dream like visions. Alyssa Silva has inspired me in many ways using these technique to create unique visuals.


She creates her art pieces using a wood texture for the base. Working ideas are reflecting on her own thoughts, dreams and life self taught experiences. Using a mixture of materials such as fabrics, paper and photographs she conveys these patterns into decorative, space like visuals. Her father being her inspiration helped her to get into art. She never had the chance to meet him however his artwork lived on and helps her to portray her love for creating both music and art. 



Finding and researching Alyssa Silva has opened my eyes to using different techniques and materials to create colourful, emotion filled visuals linked to both music and art. Having similar interests to Alyssa has helped me to connect with her design work on a deeper level than others may do. I have taken in exactly how emotions are definitely deeply connected through music and art. The collage technique has never been one of my strong points however, I am looking to experiment with more materials and techniques for my fmp. 

Wassily Kandinsky

“To start off some of my initial research for my FMP project I have been looking into different artists who have used art in different ways to express music, emotions and sound. The journeys which music can take us and the health benefits found. “

Introducing WK

Being one of the most inspiring artists Wassily Kandinsky is one of the greatest pioneers of abstract modern art. He uses art in ways to express music, emotions, sound and vision using a sharp colour palettes. He has always been a strong believer of creating design pieces communicating which is known as a universal sense of spirituality and the artists inner experiences. In my experience and knowledge of Kandinsky I feel he is an artist who is very much in touch with his feelings, an artist who expresses his personality linking his work to everyday situations and  human emotions. We deal with emotions on a daily basis and music teaches us how to communicate the ways we feel.  

As an artist he views music as the best transcendent form of non-objective art. Musicians have magical ways can create images in our minds using two aspects sounds and lyrics. He wanted his artwork to move people in the ways music does.


The above painting is titled Yellow, Red, Blue. 

The colours and shapes are used in the painting to express the images we visualise whilst listening to music. The shapes such as curves and straight lines represent the sharps sounds used in music such as riffs, hi-hats and snares. The colours express the feelings and emotions. Kandinsky has a way of pleasing most lovers of art using his self expression and thought provoking techniques. 


Composition VII, 1913

He always plans to use his strong interest in music using visuals emphasising the focus of his work. Using colours and symbols intwining and circling around one another each which eliminates the traditional ideas and communicates the deeper themes and expressions which we all connect with, being common to most cultures.

“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.” – Kandinsky


Researching Kandinsky has helped me to explore ways of using music to connect with others, learning how to deal with ones emotions and comunicating the means of music using art. I want to explore many different artists who have used self expression and their strong interests in music in positive, moving ways which will inspire me to come to the perfect focus point for my fmp. 


FMP DN6006/07 | Proforma.

Name. Nicole Chapman

Course. BA Graphic Design



As music is a huge part of my life I am looking to explore music & the ways in which it is a massive influence on the world. How it has helped to improve many worldly health conditions. 

FMP Working title

Think short and snappy (it’s a working title only) : I have not come up with a chosen successful name just yet, however I am looking to link my FMP project name to music and feelings. Below are some names which have close connections to both.

Aeipathy – An enduring and consuming passion.   

Orenda – A mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or change their own fate or destiny. 

Ukiyo – The floating world, living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.    

Aurora – Meaning Awakening, Dawn.


Short, clear description and condensation of the project’s scope and focus – to be written as simply as possible. Write this as the quickest and most simple way of explaining what you wish to do as if speaking to a friend from outside college. ‘My FMP will’: My FMP will be a body of work focusing on one of my greatest interests. Exploring music in different ways evoking how the melodies and lyrics can make surface feelings and all it’s positive effects.

Project Background

A short description of project context and how it links to your practice: I am looking to make music one of my main design focuses. Being a designer who loves to use colour connected with feelings, emotions and well being, I would like to design a unique body of work linked to all we feel whilst listening to music, experimenting with colour and many different mediums such as inks, paints etc, researching music first hand by listening to different genres, albums and creating a personal playlist helping me to express the freedom of the mind.

Relevance to Studio

Explain how your FMP works within your Studio: My FMP links to my studio as I am focusing on my journey of self discovery. This is a project where I am very much finding my true self, a project based very much on self expression, connecting closely with my interests. Producing products, art pieces, publications linked to music, spirituality, mindfulness, energy and design. Creating a service helping those who find it difficult to connect with their emotions and feelings.

Relevance to Dissertation: This project links to my dissertation as I am studying in studio 3: Music is our weapon. I am exploring self expression through music, how music reveals identities, how it can create positive change and is a strong soul reflection.

Theory: Identify any key texts, movements, theories, theorists, writers, visual communicators whose work you think might be relevant to your Project.

Melissa McCracken | Using acrylics on canvas. “I see music so I decided to paint it.”

The Sync Project | Why Music Has A Hotline To Our Emotions 

Technical Resources: Given the above project can you identify essential and non-essential but desirable technical resources you will need to have access to: Screen print, Letter Press?, Photography, Riso printer.

Outcomes: What do you expect (at this stage) to produce at the end of your FMP? This might change through development, but you should have concrete targets at the beginning so we can see if this is enough or too much. Be realistic: I am looking to find myself, expressing my true self to people and the world around me designing connecting with my mind to help those who struggle with expressing their emotional intelligence. Creating many art pieces which will help spark the start of my design career.