Introducing YOURS

One of my final deliverables for D&AD.

I have been working on designing and developing my John Lewis concept video for Design Competition. After researching the history of John Lewis, visiting the store and looking at their charity, interviewing one of their most successful Stratford City colleagues, looking deep into how they advertise John Lewis for important occasions, their biggest competitors, their own brand style and one of the key elements of the brief, Urbanites I have come with a concept helping Urbanites “busy people and workers in the city” to find an easier way to access the John Lewis store. I have thought about how to give the branding a younger feel using colour and style as well as including a user experience which today is a massive success for big companies such as John Lewis. 

The concept of home and family living appears to be one of John Lewis’s fundamental areas of design and interest. I have touched on how they use messaging through their visuals and have worked on how my application will fit with their brand style. 

I have also designed a logo for my application which may be changed and edited slightly since making my video and video effects. I had noticed how john lewis likes to use the circle shape throughout introducing new aspects of their brand. Either being stickers on packages, window stickers or announcements online. 


No matter what area of John Lewis I researched the concept of family and home living as well as the colour green and circles continued to make an appearance. I kept all of these areas in mind when it came to designing.

I wanted to use type to express the sentimental messaging throughout my video. After teaching myself how to use Premier Pro and After Effects for my previous project had really helped me to work on video efficiently and pretty quickly when it came to panning my text in and out and aligning it with my chosen audio file. I chose this particular piece of music due to it’s emotional feel and sound which I feel works perfectly for John Lewis advertising. 

After finishing the type parts of my video I realised something was missing and it would look better if I could somehow use the popular circle shape throughout helping to bring my video to life. After watching many tutorials online I followed one in particular which teaches you how to build your own motion graphics for video content. I followed this step by step and made a series of animations using my chosen colours. This has really added a delicate touch to my video and overall I am over the moon with my advertisement. 

below is my completed video, introducing customers to the new application I have designed for John Lewis.


Feedback & Reflection

I have shown my video to Tahira and a few of my studio peers and family members to get some feedback from individuals and also someone who knows the brand very well. Tahira feedback: she loves the feel and the freshness I have added to the brand and how the words touch on what John Lewis stands for. She is interested to see the application stills and my gifs which are the next step for me to complete. There are a few small changes I will be making to the video once I have finished and perfected my application and gif designs. 


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