OGP’s Kitchen

The perks of working for Oh Gee Pie.

Last night I was invited to visit Blighty’s Cafe where OGP’a Kitchen is located. Their first official baking workshop was taking place here this evening. This gave me a chance to have a deeper look into the company what they do and get a feel for their vision as well as experience researching the brand in a fun way. Blighty Cafe is in Tottenham Hale. A intimate space filled with culture and creativity. 





We all had the chance to get to know one another before the workshop which made the evening very relaxing and sociable. My auntie and cousin came along with me which was a nice added touch to the evening. 



After exploring Blighty Cafe we got started making and baking with the OGP ladies. Everything had been set up for us along with snacks and champagne. Below are some photographs I took throughout the workshop.


green apple






This was a way for me to have a relaxing evening away from a computer screen and my books but to also get some important research done and have the chance to speak with Nicole and Whitney about my development so far.


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