U.E Ideas

For our Cafe for the Future brief one of our final elements must be linked to User Experience. I have to admit this has been one of the hardest task so far. coming up with an idea which helps customers to understand the cafe concept with a purpose. I have wrote a list of ideas which has helped me to think creatively towards designing this.

i d e a s 

I thought of creating an inspirational envelop wall which customers can interact with. My first idea was linked to the question. How can I get my customers to understand my cafes social cause and concept? I thought about having a wall filled with different envelopes made from geometric shapes (squares & triangles) the customers can open an envelop and write on the card inside. the card has two sides, one says Theme & other says Genre. Every customer can have the chance to become an events management leader. After having a one to one discussion with my tutor Sara we came to the realisation that I was trying to do too much, it was a good idea just too complex.

My second idea was to keep my envelope wall idea but twist it’s concept. In each envelop there are two cards, one for you write on and the other card is for you to keep. Exchanging positive messages is a huge part of connecting with others and bringing people together. I felt this would be a nice touch for my cafe due to it being a place for all. Below are some of my sketches linked to my envelope ideas. 



My third idea was linked to how can I use my envelop wall in a digital way? I could maybe design the envelopes so they were displayed on a screen digitally they would move slowly around the screen. Customers can chose an envelope to interact with by tapping the envelop an artists music would play with links to their social medias.

My fourth idea was a history wall, revealing the underground artists featured at the evening events at Nexus a way of promoting the artists and their voices.


Above are many ideas, however I cannot picture any of the above working perfectly. Leaving my cafe project alone for a while helped me to push my ideas to one side and give my mind a break for a while. It then came to me out of no where that the universal and cultural aspects were not clearly represented throughout my cafe unless you knew the hidden meaning behind geometric shapes. Maybe if I use the concept of the world map to help build my user experience it will help views to have a better understanding of Nexus.


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