Video Development

One of the main aspects of our studio project was based on creating a video advertising our cafe and it’s social cause. I haven’t used Premiere Pro or After Effects since my first year at University and that was a one day lesson which I have to admit has not stayed fresh in my mind. So before creating a full animation piece I had to teach myself these adobe softwares, starting from scratch which was very time consuming but well worth it.  I am proud of myself for creating a video and teaching myself the above softwares in just two days. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

To help me to create the perfect video explaining all the relevant information to promote my cafe we were given a story board template to follow, I have sketched out what I would Like to include in my video in the style I would like to do so. Type missing from my design work so far I am looking to produce my video using just type and shapes.

s t o r y b o a r d s


After giving myself limitations as to how I am looking to create my video I did some research online looking into type animation videos. I had found many music videos which were linked to using a technique called kinetic type, the type is animated with a connection link this would work perfectly for my concept . Check my previous blog post Branded Movies for examples.

I then moved on to watching tutorials on, YouTube and Adobe linked with kinetic type and how to use Premiere Pro, After Effect and linking the two programmes together to create an animated video.

Below are some screen shots of my animation in the process.


After linking the two programmes together it was easy for me to add the compositions and fitting the frames with the music I’ve used. I am looking to add some finishing touches to my video before posting the finished video on my blog. This has helped me to gain the confidence to make more animation pieces in the future and also my design competition brief. 


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