Exhibition Day

Last Friday we all displayed our experimental work, sketchbooks and final pieces for our second studio project and our scheduled exhibition. I was proud of my studio peers everyone has worked so hard. I had previously set up my space but due to finishing my video for Nexus I was asked to move my work next to the big screen so all my work would be displayed together. Don’t mind the photo quality, the lighting wasn’t so great plus I had the most terrible day printing my exhibition pieces using the university prints, they do not pick up the colour grey very well. For my final hand in I will definitely be reprinting these at a professional printers.




Today was an important day not just for displaying work but for signing my OGP contract. Nicole & Whitney had come to meet with Emily and I to get everything finalised. This has relaxed me and made everything official for my internship. I have to admit I am very happy with both my displays, including my oh gee pie display. The girls were very proud of my efforts and happy with how my designs had come along since our last meeting. We have agreed on a new logo design and posters.




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