User Experience

w o r l d   m a p 

For our cafe for the future brief we have to create our own user experience. I have decided to create a interactive world map which helps customers to discover information linked to the underground artists at Nexus. I have designed the world map using geometric shapes sticking to my original theme linking culture throughout my project. The map is made up of the five main continents making it easy for people to follow. 


The yellow triangles light up indicating which parts of the world different artists are from who have previously performed at Nexus and the turquoise lights up for the current weeks performers.


After taping the chosen triangle a drop down menu appears. the first triangle reads the performers name, the second being a link to their bio, the third linked to their social media e.g. twitter, instagram, soundcloud and their own official websites and lastly a play button which allows you to listen to a short 30 second demo of their music giving customers a sneak peak to their unique sounds.


I wanted to build this digital interactive map to build awareness of the amazing diverse underground artists at Nexus helping to build an audience for those with talent. As well as giving the customers an understanding of what our event nights hold. My idea was to have this on an interactive screen at my cafe as well as on the website. 


This is a draft animation showing how my application will work. I will be adding more frames to improve my digital application which will also make it more understandable for viewers and users. 


This has been one of the best designing parts of my project. It took me a while to come up with the concept for my user experience however I am really happy with how my digital world map has turned out. I will be adding to this for my final hand in. 


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