Branded Movies

researching branded movies. 

For our cafe project we have to create our own brand concept videos. To help us to prepare for this we have been asked to research different brand movies which may link to our concepts or just ones we like visually. 

The first video i’ve chosen is by Airbnb, I remembered this video from a lesson we had last term. They have put together some beautiful, delicate brand movies expressing just how the company works and what it is about bringing forth customers which has helped the company to become a success. Visually this stood out to me due to it’s minimal use of colours, imagery and words with meaning. 

The second video is also by Airbnb, also focusing on the element of belonging which really stood out to me as my concept for my cafe had a link to equal opportunities, togetherness and belonging. This video is different from the first due to it’s use in photography bringing the people element of the company to life. I also have a love for type written in lowercase type.

I have also come across an amazing music platform on instagram who have built a beautiful brand based on talented individuals called Colours Berlin. Below is the video which stood out to me due to it’s visuals and minimalism. Unfortunately, I have looked everywhere for an advert for this company however, they don’t seem to have one. The promotion is done through the individual videos which are posted on YouTube, Instagram & their website

I also remembered some music videos from 2014 by Jamie xx, he uses shapes to express emotion and feeling throughout his music videos. I would like to break my logo up & bring it back together to create my video using my chosen colours to link my advertisement with my body of brand work.

Focusing more on text as well as shapes I remembered how nicely Ed Sheeran’s lyrics video for his song Shape of You has been put together using colours, type and shapes. This has also helped me to come up with some interesting ways of seeing how type can move.

Moving on to look at some videos which use geometric shapes, I have found an interesting video animating the intro sequence for the Loreal Colour Trophy Awards 2013-14 in New Zealand.

I then had a look at how type can work beautifully through animation and I came across a video stream on youtube with connecting type effects, one being called Kinetic Type. This method is used a lot for lyric videos. The type appears and the next word appear with a sense of connection with the previous type. I am looking to use this for my video concept adding the element of connection.



Researching branded movies has helped me realise how using a minimal amount of colour can really help a brand to stand strong. I am looking to use minimal amounts of colour for each design I create throughout this project from now onwards which means me going back to changing my info graphics and more, however, I feel this will help my project to work in the best ways possible. I will still be sticking to using my original colour palette.


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