inspirational individuals.

adding meaning to my branding. 

As part of my development for my cafe project, I have looked into studying inspiring individuals who have worked in many ways of helping to make a different within the creative industry towards civil rights movements through music and those who are spreading awareness towards my chosen social cause, racism.

As my cafe concept is a diverse, interchangeable events space helping people of the world to have to freedom of expression, one of my ideas for a graphic element will be to have posters displaying a few inspirational people along with typographic quotes which they are well known for, helping to push the element of positivity.

researching inspirational people.

I have a list of people I am looking to include, however due to the time frame we have for this project brief I won’t be able to include everyone. I am deciding on say 6-8 people, which will help me to create a series of posters for my cafe. below is my list of people so far;

motivational speakers | activists.

Martin Luther King | Jane Elliott (Brown Eye, Blue Eye) | Oprah Winfrey | Rosa Parks | Muhammad Ali


Lauryn Hill | Kendrick Lamar | Nina Simone | J Cole


Pablo Picasso | Kandinsky


Audrey Hepburn | Leonado Dicaprio

I am looking at creating these posters using my chosen geometric shapes to add more meaning. I have started working on three images which are people who I feel have made a huge impact on the world through the music they create.

design development. 

Here are a few of my step by step illustrations showing my process of how I produced my designs.

lauryn hill. 








kendrick lamar. 



j cole. 




I have never used geometric shape to put together illustrations before, this has really helped me to find a new style which I enjoy creative which also has a lot of meaning towards connection. I feel this project has really helped me to find myself as an artist, studying areas of life which I am interested and passionate about is helping me to express myself and my concepts professionally and successfully.


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