After researching different elements of John Lewis and all they stand for I have realised how home is a huge aspect to what the company brings. Being a fundamentally designed for family and living. For my chosen design competition brief has pin pointed on creating something that will make John Lewis more appealing for Urbanites the busy city people

what’s essential: requirements.

x bring your idea to life with a presentation that shows: 

x key elements of your insight and solution 

x how it serves both John Lewis and your audience 

x how it would work across multiple channels 

x the lifecycle of your product / service throughout the user journey 

x research and development highlights

what to submit.

Main (essential):
Either a presentation video (max. 2 min) OR JPEG slides (max. 8). 

Optional (judges may view this if they wish): Interactive work (brand websites, apps etc); physical supporting material; if your main deliverable is JPEGs, you can also submit video (max. 1 min total); if your main piece is video, you can also submit JPEGs (max. 4). 

After looking over the requirements for my design competition brief I have put together some ideas.

likes instagram | pinterest way of connecting, sharing & liking images. 

what john lewis stands for is very much linked to home and family. 

mostly what they sell is linked with decorating home or self. 


I have decided to design an application where people, especially those with busy lifestyles, such as urbanites. can always connect with home and family on their travels. building and designing a home is all about making. decisions, the food we eat, the gifts we buy, the occasions we prepare for, and decorating our interiors are all.based on single or grouped decisions. my application  will help urbanites to access every aspect of john lewis’s store digitally, on the move, through their phones with the treasured aspect which they miss the most, h o m e. 

first page being a title page, opening page.

second page, a connection page, after signing up where you can link with your family members, adding their names to the page.

will allow you to all connect through the stages of application used. where you can share the items you personally like and are thinking of purchasing, the other members can like or dislike these and also can see what items the other members have viewed that day. 

third page where all your likes can connect, creating an automatic like list. 

forth page built on decorating your home, similar to designing your houses interior. this will work via you taking a photograph of the room you are deciding to decorate. this will automatically digitalise and you can place items from your like list into the room. the application will notify you weather this particular item will fit in the room. if yes will be placed in the room,if not will be removed or ask you to attempt to place it elsewhere. this will give you an idea of how certain products will fit within your home and how they will look before purchasing. you can also buy all products online.

name ideas: has to be linked to missing home, connecting with home, family or building a home. 

John Lewis made s i m p l e.

s t y l e for JL. 






b e t t e r.

behoove – to fit. 

majority of the things on the john lewis site are designed with writing. the store however is a lot more visual and spaced out. i have an idea to style the application a similar way to how john lewis design their store. Spacious, set departments with splashes of colour giving the company a much more modern feel.

concept board : mood board.

john lewis


Working through this project first focusing on researching the company has helped me to really pull some conceptual ideas out the bag. I am excited to now be working on this project and feel I am at a good stage to start designing my visuals. 


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