Over the weekend I have been racking my brain trying to find the right direction for my FMP. I have worked on my previous idea by gathering research on retreats, artist research and visuals to support my project idea. However, I feel I was touching on an area that is not 100 percent touching on a product or service.

Me being a perfectionist really does not help me sometimes, after procrastinating for a while I have finally changed my main subject idea from music and feeling to hidden identities and how they can be expressed. I am looking to come up with the branding for a service helping those to find their true-selves. We all have our own identities, however we are not always in touch with who we are or how we express ourselves to others. I will be researching different types of identities, how they can shift, align and change due to experience and connections. There will still be aspects of music and feeling throughout my work. 


x self growth

x self expression

x mindfulness

x being able to express what’s behind our eyes

x behind our features

x expressing our mind

x expressing our true identities

x outer and inner body experiences

x having to leave ourselves to come back to our true selfs

x healing processes research

x base colours being – nude shades – black & white

x double exposure imagery?

x creating a range of surrealism portraits

x unmasking the true you 

x portraits of what we need

x thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions

description notes: sometimes we can feel powerless, feel we may lack strength throughout life. the things we do, the clothes we wear, the people we chose to be around helps to create how we love.

mood board x concept board.

Below is a montage of images which I have put together expressing the direction I would like to go down visually for my project. I want to also come out of my comfort zone and use materials I have not experimented with much, being collage, painting and photography. I am also looking to use graphic design and illustration as elements too, I want to make my work have an effect on viewers and be meaningful and effective. 

fmp concept board.


After working on my fmp for a day I feel I have made massive progress. Changing my idea has made me more excited for this module and I cannot wait to bring this idea to life. 


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