Work Fast

Getting tasks done quickly, helping us to come up with ideas for our cafe’s.

This morning I arrived late due to the train delays, I was ready on time for the day early, left my house around 9 to get in for 10am sharp and was stuck on the train for a good 40-50mins underground. When arriving at the inventivity studio everyone was grouped together around a3 sheets on the wall explaining a little about everyones cafe concepts. Everyone wrote something beneficial on each sheet on the wall. It was a shame I missed this because at this point in time I still do not have a official name for my cafe. 

Task 2 

Our second task consisted of us finding two examples of campaign messages that make us look twice or make us smile. I have found it difficult to find some positive campaign messages however, I have found a few that have made me look twice. 


The first campaign message I have found is based on the social issue of feminism and the struggle to end sexists oppressions. The image on the poster has been put together using sections of different females facial features which have been collaged together to create one completed face. The use of imagery and colours held my attention and made me want to zoom in to look at the small paragraph in the bottom right hand corner explaining design and the campaign it stands for. 


The second campaign message I found was the image above. A photograph of pink headphones shaped into the shape of a woman’s abdomen, to the left hand side “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY” is written in bold black writing linking the use of imagery to the cause. The campaign message is to raise awareness of Cancer in woman and how the signs, how they can effect many different parts of the body and can be ignored. This image also made me want to zoom in on this poster to read more. 


The third image I found is designed beautifully, made out of paper. A cut out image | silhouette of a pregnant woman smoking. Unfortunately, many woman of this generation tend to smoke whilst pregnant not focusing on the consequences. The cut out silhouette is attached to the original image upside down with more details showing the baby in the ladies stomach. When looking at this campaign I feel it is pretty much self explanatory expressing how smoking continuously in these conditions can be deadly not just for you but for your baby.

Task 3

Our third task for the day was to write a 80 word paragraph explaining our cafe idea.

____wants to help all cultures to come together sharing experiences and skills. A welcoming space for the human race to be able to escape normality and explore a new world where freedom is real. Helping to promote unknown artists talents from all realms of the underground creative industry helping to push collaborative change. It’s time we burn a new flame illuminating respect and equal opportunities through artistry. Focusing on expressing ourselves through education, creations and love together. 

The space I have left above is for my chosen brand name which I have not decided on just yet. The rest of the day consisted of doing some more independent task, however due to me not coming up with a brand name I decided to work on this aspect as I know it is one of the most important areas of this project. 

Independent Task | Name Ideas

Love Yours | Yours | Truly Yours | Yours Truly | Listen | Clarity | Freedom – Free-dome | Unify | Link | Nexus | Loop | Knot | Mix | Fix | FixLink | Merge | Blend | Complex | Mosaic the process of producing such a picture, using a range of different pieces, a combination of diverse elements | Patch Work | Collective | Medley | New Way | W.A.Y.S | Lumos | Ignation | Ignite | Illume | Illumine | Enlighten | Define | Idiom – a distinct style or character, in music, art, etc. Remark | Survival | Continuity | A Live | Unlatched | Entity | Deep Blue, Ocean – a way of explaining how everybody should surround one another the same way the ocean does the earth. An important substance we need for survival, music and art help us to express ourselves, giving us the ability to tell the world all we believe and exist | Rise | Sunrise | Beyond | Eloquent | Timeless | Re-Mix.

After two hours of trying to find a brand name, I discussed the above ideas with one of my good friends and studio peers Clelia. She told me how much she loved the word Nexus and after explaining to her what it means it made me realise just how well it fits with my concept and cafe idea. 

The meaning | Nexus is a connection to a series of connections linking two or more things. A link between industry and political power. 

Task 4

For our afternoon task we had to put together the name of our brand, tagline & our description together using different fonts. I have put together 4 different font layouts using different types of fonts. Condensed, Handwriting Style, Serif, Slab serif. 

Nexus | Font, Description, Tagline.jpg

First font experiment

Brand Name & TaglineCentury Gothic 

80 Words | Helvetica Italic

I also wanted to play with type layout when putting these together to help me to decide on a some good layouts for my branding. The image above has been pretty much centralised.

Nexus | Font, Description, Tagline 2.jpg

Second Font Experiment

Brand Name Bebas Neue

Tagline Helvetica (Squashed)

80 Words Gotham 

I decided to right align my brand name, tagline and 80 words. Also playing with capital letter to see if this works better than lower case lettering. 

Third Font Experiment 


Brand Name Xtreem Fat Demo

Tagline Gotham (Stretched)

80 Words Gotham (Stretched)

I wanted to connect each aspect of my writing in some type of way. I have merged the brand name and the beginning of my 80 words together so as you read the information it flows nicer. I have also boxed my writing as I want it to work to fit with my theme and design ideas for the cafe. 
Today’s lesson has really helped me to push together so many ideas in such a short space of time. I will be looking to see if I can work this quickly during other projects and other parts of this project. I have successfully come up with a brand name and tagline and explaining my cafe in 80 words within the space of 5 hours.

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