Design Butler


Design Butler is a multidiscipline artist | illustrator who focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a minimal and relaxed tones. His work expressed clarity in content whilst working with personality and attitude towards achieving figurativism in minimalistic ways and art forms. 

This exhibition I visited today was titled N O S T A L G I A featuring a collection of art pieces & objects the artist exhibited to recreate his childhood influences and themes. The aim is to invoke a longing for the past. The artist himself was colour blind from birth and this is his first exhibition exploring & revealing this part of his life. He has recently been working and introducing colours into his art which he finds difficult to relate to due to always working in black and white. The end result will be a body of work that’ll look quite different to his usual design pieces and show you his emotionally connected journey whilst painting. All his current and new design pieces convey messages which evoke reactions from the audience. The video below is a trailer for the artists exhibition. 



First Part | Introducing us to his world.

The first part of his exhibition was filled with his signature styled art pieces. All black and white, mainly focusing on different body shapes and features, also including huge portraits created using paints and ink. Some images are designed using the dot technique. 




The image below has to be one of my favourite pieces by Butler, the intricate, delicate detail created using the dot technique shows a lot patience and time was put into this one particular piece. The image was also drawn at a big scale which I have never ever been good at doing. Such an inspiring piece. 


This is also another of my favourites, designed using different shapes creating an interesting puzzle look. This reminds me of balloons and bubble and gives me a sense of floating when viewing this art piece face on. 


In the middle of the first part of the exhibition space stood a table where some of Butlers smaller art pieces sat in two neat piles. In the middle of the table were a pair of latex gloves which must be used to look through the art pieces.



Second Part | Introducing colour.

The second part of the exhibition was a lighter larger room filled with his colourful pieces, taking us on a journey through his art experience showing us a collection of pieces taking us to back to Butlers past and the things he remembers. As I mentioned before Butler found it hard to include colour in his art due to being colourblind since birth, the art pieces shown express to his audience his journey through visuals.


The celling was covered in balloons which gave me a floaty like feeling. A tranquil, peaceful feeling adding mood and emotion to the room. This is an amazing way of adding character to an exhibition space as well as adding feeling to the meaning of art and all that’s being displayed.


gng bfgfkfgkgkgbkg.jpg

Some of the character art pieces were completely covered by thick brushstrokes of colour. Some bright, others more subtle. If you look close enough you can see Disney characters illustrated underneath. This made me wondered if Butler wasn’t happy with his character paintings which sit on the base of the canvas or if this was another way of expressing his new eye for using colours. 





We all got to meet Design Butler as well as go on the beautiful journey engaging with his art pieces. I am very happy I got the chance to attend after not being able to visit on Friday due to university commitments. The exhibition finishes soon so if you are interested in going check for free tickets online I suggest this to all creatives. 




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