What | Who are Urbanites?

Reading through my John Lewis brief I have picked up on a few important aspects of the brief which must be portrayed in my project for John Lewis. The area I was stuck with was understanding the meaning of Urbanites. I should most probably know what this word means seen as I pretty much match up to at least half of the characteristics. The city never sleeps and neither do Urbanities. 


Urbanites are people who are constantly busy, who either live, work or study in the city. This term is connected to a range of age groups and is defined by commonalities (people who have or share things in common.) They are constantly on the move and thoroughly enjoy being busy, weather it’s work related or a social event. A strong urbanite audience stays connected and are pretty much sharing their interests daily and the city being the perfect place full of amazing people and opportunities. 

Characteristics of Urbanites

Highly sociable characters, Constantly working hard, Not having time, Early adopters of new technology and being financial Jugglers. 

I can relate to this pretty much moving to the city a 7 years ago and working and studying constantly ever since. Trying to find the time to socialise with friends and family can be very stressful due to the work loads us creatives have to handle. 

To help me to gain some more information linked to The Urban Life and Urbanities I have looked at an article written for the Time by Alice Park titled Stressed in the City: How Urban Life May Change Your Brain. Alice expresses how living the Urban Life can really effect our health in many ways, constantly being on the move is good in ways however we all need to rest, relax and recharge our minds not just our batteries. An important quote found in this article helped me to realise what it is Urbanites need. “In general when it comes to stress, it’s important to keep a balance. These results suggest the need to keep things in balance so after a period of working hard, you balance that with a period of off-time as well.”



After reading this article I am interested in learning more about my target audience and have noted down some important steps which will help me throughout my design development for this project. 


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