Meaningful Shapes



The hidden meanings behind shapes

After researching colours and their hidden meanings I have decided to look into the in- depth meanings of different shapes and how this can help me to come up with some creative interior design ideas which will fit perfectly with my Cafe for the Future projects theme. I have decided on a few colours which I am considering using however, this could change as it is only early days. 

I have looked at a website called where I have found a post by writer Carrie Cousins which has helped me to find some short but sweet paragraphs explaining the hidden meanings behind different shapes. 

Different Categories for Shapes

Geometric | Organic & Abstract. While each category is very much to it’s own, each can easily cross over from one type to another. 

Geometric shapes are the basic shapes and we learn about these during the early stages of education. This style of shape is made with strong connecting lines and has easy, recognisable geometry. Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles and crosses are all recognisable geometric shapes. These type of shapes have symmetry and have strong, structured looks.

Organic shapes often represent many different things found in nature and the environment. These particular shapes are free flowing and not always symmetrical. They often represent things such as leaves, rocks, clouds and even elements such as an ink blobs | blots. This type of shape has an a sense of harmony and can add a strong visual interest.

Abstract shapes are perfectly simple versions of common elements & forms. They are based on organic shapes have no true definition. The most common form of an abstract shape is a logo | icon using an outlined element.

The Sometimes Hidden Meaning of Shapes

Squares | Equality

Squares and rectangles are the perfect shape for projects based on meaning. This common shape creates a sense of equality, love and conformity. The familiar shape is seen as stable and trusting. The square further relates to the earth, with each of the four corners relating to the four points on a compass.

Circles | Energy

Because a circle does not have a beginning or end the shape expresses movement, similarly to a wheel. The shape is thought to have a feminine association and is connected to comfort, energy and power. Circles also suggest infiniteness and harmony.

Triangles | Masculine

This shape implies stability when the shape rests on a solid base. But it results in feelings of conflict, tension and nervousness when the base is upside down. In many cultures the reference to the triangle includes undertones such as: Body-Mind-Spirit or Father-Son-Holy ghost or Past-Present-Future. The human eye is drawn to this shape and follows it from the widest part of the shape to the pointed tip first. Linked mainly to masculine ideas. 

Cross | Health & Hope

Crosses do not only mean a religious symbol. Crosses also symbolise health and hope. A cross shape can appear in the form of a T or an X. Crosses are thought of as strong shapes whilst the horizontal options are much more peaceful. This can be connected to other shapes for a more closed feel for example the female symbol.

Squiggles | Growth & transformation

The spiral is a religious shape as well as a unique connection to life, time & seasons. The looped shape also can represent the unveiling of hidden knowledge. They are pretty open shapes making it easy for the strokes to move in anyway. The direction of a spiral can implied different meanings also. clockwise spirals | intent and counterclockwise | fulfilment. Multiple spirals can oppose each other and create a sense of conflict.

Curves | Pleasure & Generosity

Curves can be added to different shapes to add richer meaning. It is a technique adding curved edges to a square helping to create icons. Curved shapes add a feeling of softness and invitation. 


Researching the hidden meanings behind different shapes has helped me to think about choosing a particular shape | shapes that can add to my theme. I have read over the information i’ve found a few times and feel the square would work perfectly for my brand platform as I am very much focusing on equality and I want to create a trusting brand where people can feel comfortable, welcome and at home. Furthermore, the square stands for the qualities I am including. 


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