CV Pocket

Looking into creative ways of protecting my professional Cv. 

I wanted to look at ways of making my cv unique and resemble me as a person as well as an artist. I have noticed that in every aspect of life I am a perfectionist weather it’s the work I create, the things I buy I am very specific with my choices. I also love to take care of what is mine. To create a nice way of displaying and protecting my CV I have been working on a pocket and thinking of different ways to design this. I am sticking with my current pattern used as a frame on the official document and have also experimented with different colours to produce a label for the front with my name and title on. 

These are the first 3 design ideas I worked on adding a simple coloured box to my colourful design piece working as a base for my label and inserting my type on top of the box. The pocket is designed to simply protect the document and is easily accessible. 


Being unsure of the above labels I have taken some more time to create some new label strips for my folder|pocket. Sticking to the dark blue which at this stage in my eyes work works best. I have extended the box to the edges which could maybe work as a label | band around my wallet to give the wallet 3 creative elements.  


Cv Folder Front I.jpg


I will be spending more time working on some completely new designs using colours and patterns once I have worked a little more on my visual identity i.e. Who I am as an artist and what I am looking to recreate. 



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