Christine Jamet

First interview | Professional Architect, Christine Jamet. 

For research for both my Cafe for the Future project and my FMP I thought it would help me to find out some interesting information about Architecture. I have always had a love for Architecture and the ways artistry and design is put together to build huge structures we call home. 

Christine Jamet is a Freelance Architect living in East London. She works very much from home in her study | office which is where she finds her creativity flows best. As I have not met Christine yet, even through she is a friend of the families my auntie suggested that I have a quick phone conversation with Christine discussing my interests for Architecture, Interior and Exterior design. I introduced myself and let Christine know about my studies and projects. She shared her interests in Graphic Design and she let me know that Graphic Design and Architecture are both creative fields, however are in many ways very different. She also discussed how Architecture is very much to do with focusing on using spaces efficiently. 

“Working in Architecture has helped me to realise the difference between different creative fields.  Us designers all have an eye for something however I could never get into Graphic Design as I feel my mind doesn’t work in such a diverse way where I can come up with a concept, explore different areas of that concept and design linked to the ways in which Graphic Design is structured. I feel most of us creatives are very much perfectionist, we have an eye for something and if the designs do not come out how we want them we will continue to work until they are right. Being an Architect is my passion and I honestly enjoy every minute of it.”

Question: “Are you working for anyone in particular at the moment?”

“I am currently working on a project for a place based in Covent Garden. I am working with a Graphic Designer who has come up with the concept and design ideas for the brand helping to open up the business to become successful. I cannot go into any more detail due to this being an unfinished job and discussions must be kept to a minimum.”

Question: “Is it possible if we could meet to have a coffee and a more in-depth talk about Architecture so I could maybe gather some helpful information for my projects?”

“Of course Nicole, it would be my pleasure, your auntie alison has assured that we do not live too far away from each other. You are more than welcome to come and visit me anytime as I work from home. Just give me a text or a call and we can sort out a suitable time.”


After Christine had shared her contact details with me I let her go due to us both having work to focus on. This has already been a help to hear an Architects views on how the design world works and how collaborating with designers from different fields can help your creative process. I will be meeting with Christine very soon.


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