Summer Show

Presentation No.1

The start of organising this years summer show.

Over the past couple of weeks we were grouped into two separate groups in our studios to put together two separate presentations based on our ideas for the summer show space. How we would like to layout the exhibitions, the colour scheme, the materials, signage and handouts. 

Our first task was for the two groups to both visit three exhibitions to get some inspiration based on exhibition spaces and how they are curated. Kat, Adam, John, Jeremy and Clelia & I split up into pairs to gathered a fair amount of information covering all the above areas needed for our planning. Clelia & I went to my auntie’s good friend and Photographer Mr Cleveland Aaron. He had put together a beautiful exhibition called ‘Shapes From The Streets’ The entire exhibition was sponsored by Olympus. The exhibit was an inspiring experience helping us to work on our own exhibition professionally. 

Clelia and I put together 4 pages focusing on the different elements. We first focused on the display, simplicity the space and keeping expenses in mind which is pretty important when unsure of our budget. Together collected examples of signage from the online webpage Pinterest. Signage such as wayfinding’s, exhibition title, posters and more. We also focused on colours and which colours would work best for our space and projects. We mainly focused on White, Black, Brown & Blue shades. We then looked into different surface materials and furniture which we felt would work best for displaying our work Wood surfaces, white walls and grey flooring. To brighten up the space the blue would work well not taking attention away from our work and working pretty well with most other colours. Layouts and framing was added to our research also. 

Presentation Slides


Kat had put together two very nice slides which also illustrated how she would like the exhibition to be displayed. It was nice to see that Kat had also looked at the same floor typography. Below are her two slides. 


Jeremy had put together a slide showing his research from his trip to the Design Museum. It was nice to see some different examples of signage and the ways different spaces had been displayed. 

slide 8.png

The last two slides were created by Adam and Jonathan. They had come up with a beautiful concept based on how we could possibly display the exhibition space with a good explanation as to why it would would perfectly well. 



On the day of the presentation we each discussed our own slides. The feedback was gained from Ricardo and our studio peers seemed very positive and promising. We are looking to have a meeting soon to discuss which concept we feel will work best for our studio. 


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