Official Meeting

1st Meeting with Whitney, Nicole & Emily.

Today was the first official meeting with the Oh Gee Pie ladies and my studio tutor Emily Penny. After surprisingly winning the the client brief my studio worked on last term, I now have the chance to work with Whitney and Nicole properly helping to create their brand identity. I have created a few designs last term for my studio project and for OGP that they were both really happy with.


I have included my feedback from last terms work which I feel will help viewers to understand the direction in which OGP wanted me to go for as well as a reminded for myself.

Definite understanding of who we are and where we are going with our pies and concept. Found a way to weave it into every fabric of the presentation. Would like to see how we could tie a bit more of ourselves into the brand and make it a bit more personal – female brand. Infinity, peace, namaste – we loved it! 

Logo – Loved that everything ties together, simple and elegant

Packaging – love the idea of a circular box

Absolutely loved how creative you got with the textures/backgrounds. We love the idea of having multiple images to work with. You definitely got our vision!!! They also really liked aspects of both Zara and Clelia’s work from the OGP projects so I am looking to work with them both using and intwining our design ideas into one. 


A Little About N&W

Nicole Page and Whitney Papa finished a masters degree in public administration at London Metropolitan University last summer. After successfully graduating they decided to work together on creating their own company based around one of their best interests. Something they had both grown up with, baking. The won the Accelerators big idea competition and everything has been escalating amazingly ever since. I feel this is a good experience for me working with graduates from London Met being a current student here.


I had taken down a page full of important notes to look back at whilst working. Emily has also taken down some important notes for me whilst I was in mid conversation with Whitney and Nicole at our meeting.



I feel this meeting was very organised and has helped me to start my internship on a positive note. I am looking to schedule a second meeting with them both very soon after making some changes to their logo design which I started working on last term. I am also looking to book a meeting with Sara to help me gain some different feedback. 


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