Brand Platform

Vision, Mission, Profile


The start of designing our Brand’s Platform. Developing a brand platform using creative ideas which need to be very focused. Strong but simple ideas which will capture your audience best. Niche topics and niche target audiences. The idea needs to be inventive, something brand new which stands out however we have been told their are no limits. 100% creativity and unexpected. Dramatising details using design and creating a design experience through graphics. Our ideas must encourage interactions and the chosen selected topics must be fully integrated into the café concept and experience.

The first step was for us to come up with some good inventive Brand Names. These are a few of my favourite naming ideas. 

Freedom Cafe \ Freedom Room \ Free-dome 


Unknown Ground \ Underground Abode

Cultures Revealed

EQuality Cafe \ EQuality Joint \ EQuality Complex \ EQuality Corner \ EQuality Abode

Our second step was to write our Vision, Mission, Profile statements expressing all the company stands for, how it works as a whole.


Spreading the importance for the needs of equality | Encouraging all cultures to come together | Building a place for all | No fear, only freedom | Providing career paths | A platform for promoting the gifted and those who are passionate about their interests| Designing a world built on change.

In other words – “My vision is to create a platform for all cultures and creatives to have the chance to succeed and build a community for those who are gifted and unknown. Those who are passionate about all things visionary.”


Raising money for this newly built community. 50% profit goes towards all event nights and performers. 50% to the venue’s services and staff members.

In more words – “Bringing you a new world built on freedom, a space filled with opportunities for everyone. Bringing all cultures together, where we all understand the means and importance of equality and how we all belong to one human race. Supporting all creatives by connecting and communicating though artistry.”


Below I have explained exactly how I am planning for my establishment | cafe is going to work and my ideas so far to do with the concept and layout.

A 3 STORY CAFE: Each room holding it’s own story.

FIRST ROOM | Entrance space, also being an exhibition space and store. Exhibiting Illustrations, Painting, Graphic Design, Poetry and Books. Selling all the featured underground artists and performance members music where customers can sample the music using headphones. Featured fashion designers pieces on display and on sale. This being an interchangeable space will be changed every two weeks. 

SECOND ROOM | Cafe and creative work space. Food for everyone from different places around the world adding cultural themes and regular menu changes. Desk and mini practice room for performers as well as a studio room for creatives. Open day time for lunch and evening for dinner.   

THIRD ROOM | Dressing Rooms, Bars, Stage and Sofas. Performance are for evening events.

In other words – “Differently, we want to bring all cultures together, tuning racism out and lighting a new flame built on respect and equal opportunities, hand in hand focusing on education, creations and love, we can change the world. “


Teaching all creatives how to promote themselves successfully, helping to build their futures and connecting with the right people in order to grow. A platform teaching skills in events management to those who are passionate for all things creative, the perfect way to showcase talents. Intwining all talents into one. Bringing all skills to the table, working together to build all events held at the cafe. 

Tagline’s Must be either descriptive, superlative, imperative, provocative or specific.

No fear, only freedom. 

Beauty has no skin tone.

All of our souls are the same shade. 

We are all one.

Birthplace: Earth 

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom 

Religion: Love

Representation Matters.

All Lives Matter.

Complexion, all feels the same – Kendrick Lamar

First Mood Board Attempt

I have put together some of my ideas using images from the internet to create a start up design idea board | mood board to help me to remember the important elements I want to include as well as making it easier to explain my ideas step by step to others.

concept board .png


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