Biggest Competitors

Who are John Lewis’s biggest competitors & why?

John Lewis is known to be one of the most successful non-budget nationwide department stores in the Uk. However it still has a few competitors. Debenhams | House of Fraser | Marks & Spencer. These three department stores are also very well known for their customer service, advertising and companies as a whole. 


Debenhams is one of the top international, multi-channel brands with a strong British heritage and culture trading over 240 stores across 27 countries giving it’s customers a unique and exclusive varieties of it’s own personal brands, popular, successful international brands and also concessions. Debenhams is a store know for investing in it’s design for the past 20 years through it’s featured designers and Debenhams own portfolio of brands. Current designers behind Debenhams being: Abigail Ahern, Jeff Banks, Jasper Conran, Sadie Frost and Jemima French, Patrick Grant, Henry Holland, Betty Jackson, Stephen Jones, Ben de Lisi, Todd Lynn, Julien Macdonald, Laura Oakes, Jenny Packham, Ren Pearce and Andrew Fionda, Aliza Reger, John Rocha, Ashley Thomas, Justin Thornton, Eric Van Peterson and Matthew Williamson.  

Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Beauty | Home | Furniture | Toys | Gifts | Electricals | Sports&Leisure | Weddings | Blue Cross Sale

Debenhams also supports several charities. They believe in a good cause, doing their very best to raise awareness and money to helping others. They support charities such as: Children in Need, Breast Cancer Now & Help the Heroes. Three very well known, successful charities in the Uk. They have a very strong social media platform helping to promote the charities they support, the stores they run and also the products they sell. They have three very popular blog sites The original Debenhams blog, The Beauty Club blog & The H! by Henry Holland. All displaying different elements of the company. Their other social networks include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare & Polyvore. Debenhams Competitions giving customers the chance to win holidays and limited edition good sold in store. Debenhams direct a membership where customers can receive discounts in store and at online. They have also won up to 20+ awards since 2008.


Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Beauty | Kid&Toys | Home&Garden | Electrical’s  Furniture | Gifts&Weddings

House of Fraser known by regular customers as HoF. We’ve been on a mission to provide your with the luxuries of life, your hearts desires. A whole universe full of your favourite things. They have grown and become amazingly known for their customer service and what they sell. HoF has been around for a good 150 years and still standing. Since 1994 they have been delivering goods and on the stock exchange for £484 million. A major refurbishment programme began and had made major changes for the company. Their social media platforms include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest where they promote their weekly sales, products and updates. They also work with charities such as Sparks for Children’s health, SwanUk & Walkthewalk.  House of Fraser have 60 successful Uk stores and more across the globe. 


Key Elements 
Fashion for All Ages | Lingerie | Beauty | Home & Furniture | Food & Wine | Flowers & Gifts | Offers | Sale | M&S Bank

It has been reviewed and analysed online that Marks and Spencer’s happens to be John Lewis’s biggest competitor. From it’s store management, customer service and promotional ways Marks serves in many similar ways to which John Lewis does. Being one of the UK’s leading retailers who have successfully opened  1,382 stores worldwide are in competition with John Lewis. This is an amazing achievement as M&S continues to grow. With it’s British culture and perfectly indulgent advertisements warming viewers to want to try the quality of M&S’s food at such a great value. Marks and Spencer’s works similarly to John Lewis in the way were they very much focus on bringing something different to the table each seasons for special occasions. As well as selling food they also sell high-quality,  fashionable own brand clothing being one of the best selling men & woman’s retailers at market leading position. Customers have trusted M&S to behave in a responsible way.

In a world facing rapidly growing environmental and social challenges, we believe we can make a difference by leading the way on truly sustainable change.”

They also work in the magical way of bringing occasions such as Christmas and Easter to our screens enticing the family with love.


After researching John Lewis and their competitors has helped me to touch point on some of John Lewis’s best qualities and how they could maybe be highlighted within my project. So far I have collected key words such as Love, Family, Home, Occasions & Magic. These are words I am looking to maybe include through signage or messaging. 



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