Alice Moloney

Hot House Talk with Alice Moloney 

Teaching us how to “Celebrate illustration beyond the end image”


Alice Moloney is a unique Illustrator & Creative at Anyways the big sister agency of It’s Nice That. She has many illustration skills with true artistic direction. 

She believes in the interchangeability of different skills and disciplines; one does not have to constrain themselves to one single label, being this designer or illustrator, we are multi-talented.

We are all supposed to learn the same set of skills and train the same way in university, sometimes even outside, teaching ourselves. We, Creatives, can no longer afford to stay in one specific industry performing the same style over and over again, hoping the that it will adapt to different projects, commissions or job offers. We have to find a way to make people understand we are much more than just talented artists. We have to show what we do starting from our sketchbooks. We can offer a package of abilities which goes beyond art itself which we can execute at its best through collaborations.” – Alice Moloney

Inspiring Illustrations

I have taken a little look at Alice’s website which is easy to navigate, filled with many illustrative work pieces designed by the lady herself. She has created designs for Sunday Times, The Guardian, It’s Nice That & Ideo London. One of the art pieces which caught my eye was a beautiful illustrative style book cover design using a variety of some of my favourite colours. The illustrations create a delicate feel. The light greys and beiges work perfectly with the darker shades. 



Book cover design and illustrations for Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Winner of the Best Book Cover Award at the Oberon Book Awards, 2010.

I had a look at some of the illustrations featured inside the book itself. Alice has an amazing way of creating movement within her illustrations using delicate brush strokes. I feel her illustrations could come to life beautifully. 


These images also reminded me of a project I took part in last year at university titled beyond limits. 




Alice’s work has really and truly inspired me and has motivated me to want to experiment a little more with inks and painting. She has also taught me that no matter what someone labels you, you are always so much more. 


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