Interview Part 1

John Lewis

Conversations with Tahira

To gather some new information for my John Lewis D&AD brief I have made an important phone call to a family friend who has been working for John Lewis for the past 6 years within one of their biggest most popular East London stores. I thought to get an insight into what it is like working for John Lewis and what could be improved or changed within the store. She has helped me to understand different aspects about the service I hadn’t really thought about. Previously working here full time has helped Tahira to gain experience and knowledge within many part of the company. Getting to know how staff work to the knowledge of the different products sold and the history of the store.

Our phone conversation started by me asking Tahira if it was okay if I could possibly discuss my John Lewis brief with her. She was very pleased that I had chosen this particular brief and is interested in what creative ideas I am looking to include throughout this project. 

Could you tell me a little about John Lewis and your experience?

“As you most probably know John Lewis have been around for so many years and being such an old company they seem to only have started catching up with different aspects of the retail industry over the last 10 years. Things such as putting departments together in a smart way is quite key however John Lewis never really stick to one strategy this is something that continues to change. Obviously not all sections can be changed but there are good ways of cross referencing goods for example, displaying items in two different sections depending how they would fit in. John Lewis is very much about home, filling the home with essentials and pretty items of personal taste which can at times create an expensive look.”

Is John Lewis an easy accessible store and do you feel it is a place for everyone?

“I feel it is very much easily accessed, it welcomes people of all ages and tends to everyones needs. We have escalators as well as lifts for those who need to use them. However we have had a few complaints about the store changing it’s departments regularly. Getting lost in a big store can be irritating which quite a lot of customers tend to argue. It has been known by regular customers that electrical good have always been located on the top floor, this has forever remained the same since they first opened. There are things customers will pick up on that staff will not, quirky things that customers will tell us about on a daily basis which could most probably be improved. John Lewis also have big money so they can invest money in suitable changes.”


This above information I have gathered has really helped me to think about some areas in design and where I could possibly look at designing aspects to help the company and customers. After working in retail myself I understand how retail stores work and have the knowledge of some of the above experiences which has helped me to relate. I am looking have a face to face interview with tahira after brainstorming some initial ideas and looking indepth into the company as well as the brief requirements.


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