Advertising Occasions

John Lewis have pretty much won when it’s comes to advertising. They have a very creative eye when it comes to visuals linking these colourful advertisements to the seasons and important occasions especially Christmas. John Lewis are forever advertising Christmas Campaigns for their stores. Usually filmed in a family home. I have found it interesting how the word Home has been highlighted twice through advertising as well as the first interview I had with Tahira (Colleague at John Lewis.) I feel this is a very important aspect and I am already looking to bring this element to the surface of my design idea. 


I’m sure everyone who watches TV will remember some of the below advertisements which brought the feeling of love and family to our screens. This has to be one of the most popular adverts of 2014. Attracting both adults and children introducing us to the story of Monty The Penguin.

This advert has to be one of John Lewis’s greatest successes helping to promote the companies name. The ad which visualises a story of a young boy named Sam and his imaginary friend called Monty, a sad penguin looking for love helped to push sales up by 4.8% with 7 million views on social media within the space of 24 hours. 


This ad expresses one of John Lewis’s best promotional methods being nostalgic music and emotional messaging. Always A Woman which came out in 2010 shows the life of one particular woman. thereby slowly pushing the message that Brits can shop at John Lewis throughout every stage of their lives. This is a strong way to promote the company. 


2011 ad that officially started John Lewis’s winning stream in the annual Christmas ad battle. The Long Wait shows a young boy being impatient during the run-up to Christmas day. On Christmas morning we discover grumpy attitude was simply because he couldn’t wait to give his parents their present. This again expresses love within the home. 


This advertisement from 2015 Home Insurance. This is not a Christmas hits however it manages to raise a smile with most viewers. The ad sees a young girl dancing her way around the house, narrowly avoiding accidents as most children do. Most parents can relate to this. Elton Johns soundtrack has been added to the advert to add a sense of sweetness to our screens. 


The above adverts have been created with a lot of thought and culture due to what the UK and the rest of the world tend to enjoy the most, being with the ones they love and focusing on the little things bringing us happiness. This has again helped me to focus on important elements that John Lewis tend to focus on through promoting their company and all they stand for. 


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