Cafe Inventathon

Task 2 | Studio Task ‘Inventathon’

Gathering Ideas & Concepts

Unfortunately, I was unable to join todays studio session due to being very poorly however, I have been working from home. Reading over our second design brief for this year titled Cafe for the Future. Emily had submitted this brief online over the christmas period for us to start gathering some ideas and initial concepts for when we arrive back to university after the holidays. I have to admit I have been very excited about this brief and have had a brain wave of interesting ideas and discussions with family members and friends about the project and what it entails. 

CAFE FOR THE FUTURE | Entrepreneurial design for the future

How could design be used to shape the future? Can you invent a product or service that makes a difference to a particular community? How would you design their experience of it Through branding, start ups and social enterprise? 


What is a café? Somewhere to meet? To work? To have fun? To learn something new? What could it be in the future? Interesting things happen when people are able to get together. Your brief is to devise an innovative café proposition that will in some way, however small, make the world a better place. You will be tasked with identifying a social cause that you wish to tackle: maybe it’s homelessness, loneliness, refugee crisis, the environment or something else. The challenge is to develop a café concept which is about more than simply the food and drink. It could be a specialist café that involves customers in the food production in some way, or it could be designed to serve a very niche customer group who you think are currently under-served. How can you cater specially for their needs? Perhaps it delivers some sort of education or leisure activity. Or perhaps it serves to highlight and build awareness of a cause.This is a chance to be highly inventive and creative, weird and wonderful, with no limits. There will be scope to design the environment, the menu, other printed items, signage and online communications. You are the proud owner of a new café, how will you’ll it? To start my development and creative thinking over Christmas I created a list of ideas after spending time with my family and friends during the holiday season. This has helped me to learn and realise what may help those around me as well as the rest of the world to come together as well as what type of social aspects I could add to my establishment to make it interesting and unique?



Multi Cultural

Promoting Talents

Family & Friends

Raising Awareness 

A Place For All Ages

Improving Poverty 

Below are three ideas I have started to think about:

Vintage Games | Introducing the world to a world filled of old fashion games such as Dominos, Rumicub, Cards, Chest & More. Bringing the family together, creating and designing a family vibe. An establishment for all ages with themed nights. Competitions, music to add to the theme being ballroom music, the blues, jazz etc which help to add culture. Sharing history, historical speeches from the older generation teaching us about love, relationships and life. Giving us a clearer insight into what life is really and truly about. Games at family occasions has always been a thing for my family. It has a very natural way of bringing people together around a table in a similar way to how food does, plus everyone loves a little competition.

Music Cafe | Expressing talent, helping underground artists to become established. Helping all creatives to work to higher levels. promoting the love for all things creative. A space where all types of artists work can be sold similarly to a store. The cafe can be used as a platform to push people to work harder and to keep their faith in their dreams. A cafe based on love, music and art, helping to push these areas and to build a new community bringing people together who share the same interests. Evening events showcasing talents. Food from all different cultures helping to bring all cultures together. Helping to build equality. This is my favourite idea yet. I have a lot more to add however this is just a brief description as I don’t want to give away too much at this point in time.  

Wild Cafe | Charity based cafe helping to bring awareness to animals which are becoming extinct. How to save the wild. Sponsoring animals. Me & my studio peer Jacob discussed this potential idea when gathering concepts.As most of you know I am a BIG lover of music, art and all things creative. I also feel very strongly about raising awareness of equality and how important it is. I that the above ideas  do not really have community based establishments. I want to create a social space helping to build a multi cultural society which will then become a social profession chain of cafes. 

My Afternoon

After reading through the presentation notes which had been sent over to me by my amazing studio peer and good friend Clelia. As I was unable to make the session today I have decided to work on brainstorming some fresh ideas on paper. It is a shame I did not have the chance to work with others in the studio however I have decided to improvise to experience a sense of teamwork helping me to accomplish this task within the 2 hour deadline. I had made a few phone calls to my friends, family & studio peers who were also absent on the day to gather some inspirational ideas. 

12 Concepts

cafe for remembrance | remembering our loved ones. 

cafe for cultures | bringing together all cultures. 

cafe for therapy | to help those with mental illnesses. 

cafe for religions | religious events.

cafe for languages | can gather to teach one another in return a new language.

cafe for the homeless | to give, food, shelter, cleanliness.

cafe for unemployed | help people who are unemployed.

cafe for togetherness | for those who fell isolated. 

cafe for food growing | workshops, food grown to be sold in the cafe.

cafe for cookery | to improve your culinary skills, star of the week dish served in the cafe.

cafe for fitness | super healthy cafe with gym facilities.

cafe for mother&babies | focusing on supporting mother&babies.

These are some sketches Vestina had put together linked to our list of ideas, explaining each one visually using inks along with brief notes. 



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