John Lewis


Why John Lewis?

I have decided to chose John Lewis for my D&AD brief for many reasons. The challenge is to make John Lewis more than just a store, looking into way in which it can be improved, adding real values and helping the store to become an integral part of modern living. My mind was straight away filled with exciting ideas as soon as I read through the design brief which helped me to chose wisely. After reading just the first question John Lewis is more than just a high street store. It’s a much-loved part of the fabric of British society. But how can it do more for its customers? made me want to continue reading to find out more. One of the main pointers were to Stay true to the brand but don’t look backwards: this audience can see John Lewis as old-fashioned so avoid the retro / history / heritage route. After working on branding throughout my first term back at University has  inspired me to continue. 

About John Lewis & What they stand for

The John Lewis Partnership has worked in a visionary way of successfully doing business. Happiness is what they stand by for their customers and partners. Dedicated to serving their customers with flair and fairness. 88,900 permanent staff being Partners who own a huge amount of 48 stores across the United Kingdom including 34 department stores, 12 John Lewis at home and shops at St Pancras International and Heathrow Terminal 2. Also a collection of 351 Waitrose supermarkets. Waitrose being one of the highest selling supermarkets of today for it’s good service and quality and joined the John Lewis Partnership in 1937. John Lewis began trading in 1864 on London’s, Oxford Street and has grown to become the largest omni-channel retailers in the UK. An Omni-Channel is relating to a type of retail and sales integrating different methods of shopping available to consumers, for example, online, ordering, in a physical store or by telephone. Their services also include an online and catalogue business helping to promote and be a lot more personal with their customers. The business has annual gross sales of over £11billion which shows just how professional and successful John Lewis is as a company.

Visiting John Lewis | First Research Visit

I took a trip to Westfield Stratford city where one of East London’s biggest John Lewis stores is located. I have visiting this store several times and pretty much know my way around the different sections of the store. I decided to take some photographs of all the departments I had visited before the store closed as I had arrived quite late after a shopping trip with my auntie. Below are the photographs I collected along the way. 

john lewis dept copy.jpg

Every department has it’s own style, kept clean and tidy and pretty much pristine. John Lewis are forever taking care of their store and their quality goods. From a regular customers point of view I have never visited a John Lewis store without it being in the perfect condition. Everything is either sign posted with labels of the products make and price and if not a retail assistant is always available to help with this information. John Lewis is made up of so many different departments including: 

Home&Garden | Electricals | Womenswear | Menswear | Beauty | Baby&Children | Toys | Sports&Leisure | Gifts | Special Offers | Stationary | Sale | Brands

John Lewis very much focuses on well-being, love, family and occasions. Bringing quality to life through business, encouraging suitable living and supporting our communities. Community Matters is John Lewis’s giving scheme that runs throughout both John Lewis and the partnered Waitrose stores. Every three months every store choses 3 community groups to help, customers are involved in helping to decide who gets nominated using a special token to vote. Each store donates £3000 which is shared between the charities due to it’s voted percentage. For example if a charity receives 31% of the vote the will then receive a £910 donation. As most would say charity starts at home and reflectively I can see that John Lewis very much works like a home. 


After gathering some important information and imagery from John Lewis and what they provide as a company I am looking to possibly have a one to one interview with a family friend who currently works for John Lewis which I feel will help me to have a better personal insight about the company. 


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