FMP DN6006/07 | Proforma.

Name. Nicole Chapman

Course. BA Graphic Design



As music is a huge part of my life I am looking to explore music & the ways in which it is a massive influence on the world. How it has helped to improve many worldly health conditions. 

FMP Working title

Think short and snappy (it’s a working title only) : I have not come up with a chosen successful name just yet, however I am looking to link my FMP project name to music and feelings. Below are some names which have close connections to both.

Aeipathy – An enduring and consuming passion.   

Orenda – A mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or change their own fate or destiny. 

Ukiyo – The floating world, living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.    

Aurora – Meaning Awakening, Dawn.


Short, clear description and condensation of the project’s scope and focus – to be written as simply as possible. Write this as the quickest and most simple way of explaining what you wish to do as if speaking to a friend from outside college. ‘My FMP will’: My FMP will be a body of work focusing on one of my greatest interests. Exploring music in different ways evoking how the melodies and lyrics can make surface feelings and all it’s positive effects.

Project Background

A short description of project context and how it links to your practice: I am looking to make music one of my main design focuses. Being a designer who loves to use colour connected with feelings, emotions and well being, I would like to design a unique body of work linked to all we feel whilst listening to music, experimenting with colour and many different mediums such as inks, paints etc, researching music first hand by listening to different genres, albums and creating a personal playlist helping me to express the freedom of the mind.

Relevance to Studio

Explain how your FMP works within your Studio: My FMP links to my studio as I am focusing on my journey of self discovery. This is a project where I am very much finding my true self, a project based very much on self expression, connecting closely with my interests. Producing products, art pieces, publications linked to music, spirituality, mindfulness, energy and design. Creating a service helping those who find it difficult to connect with their emotions and feelings.

Relevance to Dissertation: This project links to my dissertation as I am studying in studio 3: Music is our weapon. I am exploring self expression through music, how music reveals identities, how it can create positive change and is a strong soul reflection.

Theory: Identify any key texts, movements, theories, theorists, writers, visual communicators whose work you think might be relevant to your Project.

Melissa McCracken | Using acrylics on canvas. “I see music so I decided to paint it.”

The Sync Project | Why Music Has A Hotline To Our Emotions 

Technical Resources: Given the above project can you identify essential and non-essential but desirable technical resources you will need to have access to: Screen print, Letter Press?, Photography, Riso printer.

Outcomes: What do you expect (at this stage) to produce at the end of your FMP? This might change through development, but you should have concrete targets at the beginning so we can see if this is enough or too much. Be realistic: I am looking to find myself, expressing my true self to people and the world around me designing connecting with my mind to help those who struggle with expressing their emotional intelligence. Creating many art pieces which will help spark the start of my design career.


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