Finding Causes


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and it’s that time to get back to University work. It’s been one of the best Christmas’s i’ve had for many years and I am feeling excited to be back. I have posted the above picture to help myself to stay positive and remain focused as well as my studio peers to get back to all things work related. This next project sounds very exciting however will require a lot of design thinking as well as hard work.  

Task 1C | Talk to your family and friends about possible starting points for a social enterprise. What causes do you or they feel strongly about? Identify three possible ‘causes’ that you may wish to focus on in your project. Try to find two people who actually belong to the group you want to serve and interview them about their needs. Can you identify needs or gaps (not necessarily food-related) that a café space could help solve by bringing people together or providing a secondary service of some sort? Write down three ideas for your innovative café and describe the following. We will discuss the ideas together in the New Year.


No.1 My first interviewe was of course my creative auntie, Alison Skeat. I have asked her the required questions below. 

What Causes do you feel strongly about? I feel strongly about equality and how people of this day and age still chose to be racist regardless of the issues it causes. Discrimination and hatred still runs through our world and should never really and truly go unnoticed. 

Who is the target audience? Everyone, everybody eats, everybody loves, everybody coming together collectively to enjoy these worldly treats. Creating a place for people of all ages to learn, to live and to love. 

What are the products and/or services that the café will offer? You could have a basic general cafe, food being simple throughout the day, maybe running workshops for children and in the evening the cafe would transform into a new place, a new space filled with a new culture. Food from different continents, music and art also. 

How will it benefit users of the cafe personally? This will benifit the users of the cafe personally by approaching all things important. The evening events would hold talks and performances highlighting racial issues. I was inspired with this idea after seeing this project on tv asking you to do an dna test a simple swab test, the results are finding out all the different parts of the world where people are from. This is helping people of the world to discover the unknown. A community which helps to connect people with others. I can’t remember what it is called now or who it was by but I will find out for you. 

How will it benefit wider society? This will benefit wider society by seeing acts of equality happening and being successfully put together and the audience it will create through social media and also by word of mouth. 

This has helped me to create a vision of a cafe helping to build the awareness of cultures and equality. Helping to bring all ethnicities together as one, creating a new community built on love, acceptance and cultural importance for people of all ages to enjoy. 

No.2 My second interviewee was with my cousin phoenix, her idea is inspired by her mother’s current volunteer work with an organisation called Lola’s Homeless where they help the homeless in many amazing ways. The company has helped my cousin to come up with her own design concept. 

What Causes do you feel strongly about? I feel strongly about the homeless and how they are suffering. Nobody should have to live like that, it’s time we powered together to help the less fortunate.

Who is the target audience? Those who are less fortunate, the Homeless.

What are the products and/or services that the café will offer? A cafe where the homeless can stay, come together and be fed, given clothing and able to shower, have a hair cut and more. Serving in the same ways as Lola’s events do. 

How will it benefit users of the cafe personally?  It will help them to come together build their own community. Helping the homeless to feel at home and to always have a place to go. 

How will it benefit wider society? This will benefit wider society by seeing acts of kindness. The audience can be built through promotional materials, social media and word of mouth. 


This task has helped me to start thinking creatively for this project. Getting someone else perspective outside of the studio will open your mind to new ideas. My family are very music about helping others and bettering the community, the above interviews reflect this and have helped me to come up with a few of my own concepts. 


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