Cerebral Fantasies

Artist & Musician Alyssa Silva | Collage & Installation Art.

I have come across another artist who’s focuses on music whilst creating her art installations. Using the collage technique Alyssa takes us to a dream world through her use of imagery designing sweet escapes. Being connected to the music scene Alyssa uses her knowledge of music and her skills to create inventive design visuals. Recently moving from California to Jacksonville, Florida has helped her to experience the artistic community first hand exploring many art venues such as house shows and exhibitions with new acquaintances to make movements throughout the creative industries. 

Her main techniques through art and music are focusing on nature, dreams & psychedelia. Expressing her life experiences using collective photographs and colours connecting with her current emotions. She is very much in awe with the beauty of nature and it’s patterns; for example, the wings of a butterfly, the ways in which they move with so much freedom, the intricate beauty, the delicacy and smooth movements. Being surrounded by nature and noticing these small yet not so simple things are a mind opener, an inspiration. 


Unfortunately all of Alyssa Silva’s collage pieces are Untitled. However, I have analysed these pieces whilst listening to my own choice have music and they have created a peaceful tranquil state of mind. I am enticed by colours, imagery creating dream like visions. Alyssa Silva has inspired me in many ways using these technique to create unique visuals.


She creates her art pieces using a wood texture for the base. Working ideas are reflecting on her own thoughts, dreams and life self taught experiences. Using a mixture of materials such as fabrics, paper and photographs she conveys these patterns into decorative, space like visuals. Her father being her inspiration helped her to get into art. She never had the chance to meet him however his artwork lived on and helps her to portray her love for creating both music and art. 



Finding and researching Alyssa Silva has opened my eyes to using different techniques and materials to create colourful, emotion filled visuals linked to both music and art. Having similar interests to Alyssa has helped me to connect with her design work on a deeper level than others may do. I have taken in exactly how emotions are definitely deeply connected through music and art. The collage technique has never been one of my strong points however, I am looking to experiment with more materials and techniques for my fmp. 


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