Design Heros

Task 1b | Finding two illustrators or designers who have worked on projects focused on social good. Come with examples of their design projects ready to share with the group in January in our first session. Can you identify the various elements in the design eg type, message, colour, illustration, icons, and the role of each element? What makes it effective?

Jon Daniels 

Independent |  Creative Director |  Designer | Artist | Author |  Curator | Collector


JON DANIEL is a British Born, Award-Winning Creative. He expresses his African Caribbean heritage throughout his designing bringing the importance of Culture and Heritage to the surface. Mainly known as a professional Graphic designer, Jon has worked as an art director for some of London’s biggest advertising agencies. His career has been at it’s highest for the past twenty five years. He has designed work creating positive impacts and award-winning campaigns for a range of clients such as IBM, the COI, the Inland Revenue, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, Philips, Virgin Direct and most notably NHS.

Jon Daniels is also an Executive Creative Director within two leading creative companies. Headland; a creative partnership and the other being ebb&flow® a boutique branding company who produced work for a diverse range of corporate, cultural commercial and governmental clients including the Mayor of London and the GLA; Greenpeace; and groundbreaking charity, Keep a Child Alive, co-founded by Leigh Blake and internationally renowned recording artist Alicia Keys. 

These opportunities have enables Jon to deliver positive and creative brand ideas full of vision and spreading love across all media platforms. He stands very much for equality and strongly promotes the rich historical legacy of Africa. Equality and positivity are also two major part of his design work and has taken every opportunity to promote these aspects.


This is one of Jon’s most powerful pieces. Designed for IBM Press Campaign, 1994. 

jon daniel 1.png

Keep Children & Families Alive | Africa VS Aids | World Cup Campaign, 2010.

jon daniels 2.png

Independent Project

Afro Super Hero Brand Platform & Exhibition, 2016.


Each and everyone of the above design piece connect to the importance of equality and how working together and raising awareness can make all the difference. Positivity and togetherness is not advertised enough within the 21st Century and Daniel’s has approached theses issues working with clients as well as focusing on these aspect in his independent projects.

Five Principles 



Pawel Kuczynski


Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish illustrator using his design skills to portray today’s social, political and cultural issues and activities. His illustrations are very imaginative and all communicate importance. Some being issues we may not think of as serious however all of his design work is highlighting serious problems currently happening in our world. Pawel graduated from the famous Fine Arts Academy in Poznan and since has been rewarded with more than 100 prizes and creating his amazing thought-provoking illustrations commenting on issues such as social media issues, eco and political issues.


The above Illustrations stand for todays social media issue on the platform Facebook. People these days use Facebook to reveal every aspect of their life, from family celebrations, achievements, relationships to selfies, stress and more. From looking a these images I feel Pawel is trying to highlight how Facebook likes have become a need to certain individuals. An urge to get all friends who are at times no really friends just people we may know or may have know to comment and state their opinions which can then soon turn to arguments and cause drama. The above images are single pieces of artwork titled top PawelKuczynski58, middle Confessional and last image Gods.


Both Jon Daniels and Pawel Kuczynski are inspiring artists who communicate the importance of world issues which we should all be aware of. They both help to make our world a better place through design and visual communication with or without typography every design piece expresses powerful messages. 


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