Café Culture

Task 1a | Our first task set over the Christmas Holidays for our second studio project. Visit and explore three cafes that are different & unique. Researching all the communication opportunities & touchpoint related to the cafe both on site, outside & online. Looking in-depth at how their products, packaging, uniform and promotional pieces work, the décor is also a huge part of the branding and identifying 20 touchpoint. 

My chosen Café’s

Joe & The Juice | Regent Street

Café 1001 | Bricklane

Hatch | Homerton

Joe & The JuiceRegent Street

My Experience & Touch points 

My first stop being Joe & The Juice. An inventive Café with big open windows customers are able to see who’s walking by & Central Londons culture. I visited here one evening whilst taking a long walk down Regent Street with the family and our puppy Nelly. We were drawn the the street due to it’s street lights & decorations. Huge typography spelling out positive words which hung up high lighting up Regent Street.



The Café from the outside was something outstanding to see, very different from everything else around. The exterior of the Café was built very modern and the branding has been designed simply, pleasing to the eye. The interior was the complete opposite, built similarly to an old fashioned library. the walls have been decorated using different shades of brown and beige along with low lighting. The customer service was excellent, all the staff members wore smiles and had a great knowledge of the products they sold.


I purchased a Pink Latte 60z, a taste of espresso which was lower in calories and fats. J&TJ is a healthy cafe, selling products such as organic coffees, smoothies and homemade sandwiches served fresh daily. The menus are sectioned into Coffee, Morning, Lunch & Afternoon as certain foods and drinks they sell are to improve your energy levels at certain parts of the day. The products are sold in the basic paper coffee cup to take away all designed with the companies logo and using the pastel colour scheme and if staying a china tea cup and side plate. We didn’t get to stay here long as the Café was getting ready to close however, my experience at Joe & The Juice was enjoyable, a nice stop after a long cold day. I would like to take a second visit to Joe & The Juice and purchase something different.

Café 1001 | Brick Lane

My second visit was to one of my favourite places Café 1001 a combined urban café and evening club venue also an organised events venue ranging from dance performances, film screenings, music performances, photography & art exhibitions and summer music festivals. I like to spend my afternoons here studying as well as evenings with my studio peers having a break from our busy lifestyles. 


The Café from the outside is designed very simple, similarly to the majority of most places down this corner of Brick Lane. The exterior of the Café was plain and the branding has been designed simply which can be placed on any merchandise and promotional materials. The interior is quite homely, downstairs pretty much looks like your regular walk in cafe, quite small but more of a drop in space.


The upstairs section of the cafe is my favourite part, with sofas, comfy corners, small tables with study space, a cocktail bar and stage. In the evenings the atmosphere is a lot more comforting with low lighting with a strong use of deep reds and browns and soulful sounds surrounding the space.  The customer service are friendly and all the staff members are willing to help.


The last section of the Café is the evening club space, used for many different events. This is a huge space is open to the public holding a completely different atmosphere every evening, every visit to Café 1001 is different. Café 1001 is similar to the type of venue I would love to open one day however, I am not revealing anything right now. 

Hatch | Homerton

My last visit was to Hatch in Homerton. A very unique cafe filled with creativity. A Cafe, Bar, Desk Study Spaces, Furniture, Barber & Studio. An amazing vintage space filled with music one of my favourite things. 


The Café from the outside is designed creatively linking the name of the Brand. The windows work the way hatches would, a cafe that stands out from the rest. Welcoming customers as soon as they arrive, tables and seats are set outside for the quick visitors. The interior is out of this world, as if you are entering a modern designed home, downstairs is the cafe bar as well as an afternoon/evening bar selling alcoholic beverages. Sets of tables and chairs sit around both as well as sofas in comfy corners. 

Upstairs sit study spaces for those working from home or students to rent out for the day at very cheap prices. The walls are filled with independent artists work which is a unique touch point I noticed. I am thinking of renting a space soon and experience staying at Hatch for a longer period of time. I didn’t stay long but enjoyed a warm sweet potato and butter nut squash soup which warmed me up perfectly. 



I am looking to visit all the above Cafés again to collect some better photographs and some more information. All the above places I would visit on a weekly basis if I had the time and each experience has helped me to collect some important information helping me to progress with this project which I am pretty excited about. 

20 Touch Points 

After visiting the above cafes I chose my favourite one wisely after looking back at the researched I had gathered from the trip. Hatch Homerton is my favourite cafe where I was able to collect the most touch points. Below is a 4×5 grid showing each of my touch points using photographs. 

Hatch Homerton.jpg

Read the grid from top to bottom, no.1 being the top left photograph. 

no.1 | The information board above Hatch Homerton explaining the establishment. 

no.2 | The creative entrance using found windows. Already expressing a little of what Hatch stands for. 

no.3 | The door being open, welcome customers inside. 

no.4 | Outside seating area. 

no.5 | Creative comfortable corners, sofas and art.

no.6 | Busy, a popular venue.

no.7 | Art exhibitions, helping artists in East London to be promoted and have the chance to exhibit their work.  

no.8 |Vintage styled furniture (majority being second hand, giving the venue a dated styled look. Same as majority of decorations. 

no.9 | Nice views. 

no.10 | Desk space for students, freelance workers and everyone. Inspiring people to work outside of the home and the office. Cost efficient £2 an hour. 

no.11 | Healthy menu choices. 

no.12 | Good customer service, bring the food and drink to your table, check to see how your stay is going and if you need any top ups now and then. Clean up after customers and to top it off they are all very welcoming and friendly. 

no.13 | Amazing quilty of food and presentation.

no.14 | Low in fat choices of coffee, all drinks are freshly made. 

no.15 | Hairdressers. 

no.16 | Alcoholic bar, good variety of choices.

no.17 | Affordable prices, menus all on display.

no.18 | Notices with important events and information as to when the cafe is open.

no.19 | Cute notes given to customers with their coffees and food letting them know about when they are closed during the week

no.20 | How beautiful the cafe looks in the evening, after the suns gone down. 


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