After experimenting with the circle throughout my on your marks project I wanted to push my logo designs further adding to my development and the meaning behind the brand name. I have researched the Yin&Yang symbol & it’s theory however, this has been over used and is a pretty cliche approach, mainly used for yoga & cultural orientated projects. Seen as Oh Gee Pie has no relevance to these areas I had to scrap my first design ideas and move onto something different.


I thought to look into some more symbolic shapes and symbols and the meanings behind them. The peace sign is another symbol which stands for tranquility, peace, harmony & togetherness & has a pretty hippy design approach. The peace sign is related to the broken cross, standing for both peace & freedom. However, this has also been overused and is again a cliche idea. 


The family tree is another path I thought of taking my project, this has been used over the years as a symbol for love, family & friendship. I felt this was a very obvious approach and maybe not the best way to take this project. 


Next I had a look into the Infinity Symbol and how it still uses a circle shape, a continuous line which is forever joined together. This symbol stands for togetherness, love, equality & everlasting. When looking back at my previous logo designs this idea had sprung to mind, working with the O & G creating my own unique infinity sign. 


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