Making a living week

Two full days organised by Ann Hared. Teaching us ways of becoming successful designers. Getting us ready for the creative industry. Listening to different designers and industry speakers, talking about employability & working within the industry. Thinking deeply about how we can work closely with the context of your own practice. How it has helped you to prepare for graduating and ways of promoting what we do and writing a successful cv, tackling certain design processes as a separate issue.

The story behind Will Hudson

Anyways & It’s Nice That

People, projects and places.

Will Hudson grew up in Birmingham, went to college to study art and did not get accepted straight away into university at Nottingham Trent. After applying a second time Will got into Brighton to study. 9 months out of university he moved to London in 2009. Around this time it was a struggle for designers Will had many different responsibilities such as raising his own family which was a huge thing to focus on and buying a house. Without these types of responsibilities Hudson suggested for us to work as hard as we possibly could, throwing ourselves in the deep end making every experience educational. 

His first independent project was launching a student project, helping students after graduating taking the next step within the design industry. Setting up creative events, a successful blog site and business enterprises. 

Go everywhere, do everything

All started after saving money to be able to print 1000 copies of his self developed publication. These publications were printed and put together by hand at home which was pretty time consuming however had helped saved money and become a huge part of their design structure.


Soon after they designed their own exhibition space linked to the publications, which was pretty expensive costing 400 a night. After discussing with the owner of the space they were given some discount to make this a opportunity possible. This project did not make much money, the prophet was only as much as one partner would gain. Will explained he had learnt a lot through different trial and errors.

In 2007 they created a blog to showcase people’s work, not many people were doing this at the time due to the internet being new, this made a huge impact on their design success.  

“There’s no right answer of time for you to graduate. I went straight into a full time job. Working with three others in a studio, working alongside many clients. Designing for a fashion brand,  designing logos, samples, swatches using different techniques.” 

Chicago spiral

Designed the documentation and publications linked to the Chicago Spiral sculptural building which did not become a successfully open place.


Print magazine on It’s Nice That

Putting this magazine up for pre order for 6 weeks helped them to see how many people were interested in the magazine and in purchasing. They printing two weeks before the release date.

Sense loft in soho

Design space, where designers can invite a friend, and that friend then brings two people helping everyone involved to meet new people.

“Putting a camera in front of a project is an essential part to designing, we never know how a project is going to pan out, always experiment.”


Helping Nike with commissions, producing artwork designing stories. 20 Selfridges windows. This was the first time Selfridges had allowed people to use window space for just art pieces. 


“The client has a need and you for fill the job using your skills, it’s not supper complicated.”

“print always holds the works value.”

Anyways | Graphic Design Studio 

Advice | “Always listen to others, doesn’t mean you must follow but it can open your mind to different ways of designing and working.”

“The first rule is trust yourself, ask yourself who you want to be, to be happy is the most important. break the rules.”

Meeting with Paul Smith

Paul Smith got to meet Will Hudson’s partner for 2 mins, had a very in-depth conversation which turned into 20 minutes. They had built a work  relationship due to both their interests and got advice 

“Only spend Money when you have it.”

 “Hindsight is important.” 

Remember | 6 Rules


Handsome Frank | Illustration Agency 

Jon Cockley

62 designers in total.

Four main designs contribute these days running the company. Him and Tom being the founders of the company. didn’t study design he studied linguistics. producing adds and now producing magazines linked to creative review. creative industry. removal from what his previous career path was. works alongside his cousin.


It all started with a long talk and a couple of beers in Hyde park discussing their ideas and how they felt the company would work. Remaining organised they got to know more about the creative industry, and branding. Tom knew the rest so together they make a good team. Frank is their grandfather making the perfect family connection with their brand. Their brand identity is to make the work place like a family mainly built on relationships.

What is an Illustration Agent?

An illustration agent is to strip away the boring parts of the job. project management, Looking after projects, the ones at the ends of the emails, charges. working on book covers, global rebranding. banking, tax and invoicing. debt collecting. promoting the artist, to talk about who they represent. creative freedom and enjoy.

social media: always helps & is needed. | Instagram is a visual platform, twitter, website.


Portfolio Meeting

Having these types of meetings allows people to have the power of getting people away from their screens. breakfast meetings. to view and touch the work, a book where you can turn the pages in the most traditional and natural way.

Getting out of London has helped them to build a successful career. Travelling to other places such as Leeds, Manchester and other places abroad.

frank mag.jpg

Industry Work

Self published newspaper | 5000 a year, now on their 4th edition.

Crowd sourcing ideas | Exhibition.

Pick Me Up | Exhibition.

A good way to meet people and see other industry work.

Vimeo | Star pick of the week video linked to one of the team artists.

BBH London | Satnav Audi.

Aldo | Shoes & bags. 

This was one of my projects shown, a campaign successfully shown around the world promoting Aldo’s designs. Billboards, Posters, window displays and their website. 


Where do we find out illustrators?

It’s pretty competitive, we look everywhere. Twitter, blog-sites, behance. For young designers getting your work out there, social media and as many places as possible to get the attention you need to become successful. 

What does the agency charge?

Depends on the job and the time. the work that goes into each project. the agent would handle the work you do. unfair way so have changed | keep your clients and your book for contacts. as an agency they work to help you to find more clients. don’t charge for promotion. if you talk to an agent always ask these questions.

For Us | You

Steven cheatem having a consistent style is a good example to follow, run through all you do. If you have two different styles keep them separate. under project names | even different brand names. Consistent styles. Use it across a lot of subject matters. making yourself commercially available. trust is important. they want to see a variety of work. When you are not being commissioned work on independent work, do mini series of anything. When you come to briefs, be creative.

Advice: Never give away your work, Graphic Design is a Job.


Self Promotion

Think of ways to stand out, it’s complicated but through trial and error you can find that message to communicate what you do. send 5 emails not 50. limited addition, work carefully. something of value. Think of yourself as a brand. Think of all touch points and what they say about you. all successful artists do this. social media is heavy curated. beautifully wrapped pieces of work. put care and attention into what you do and what your produce. think about tome of voice and what it says about you.

Alec Dudson | Intern Magazine

Creative career paths.

Publication started in 2013 called Intern. A basic idea of young people being the future. All started in a bar, working in a bar, enjoyed at first. Alec moved on from bar work working alongside a design company who produce a travel magazine, Boat Magazine. Their designs were rough round the edges and the basic idea of the mag is to pick a city and work within the chosen state. He was working at sub employe level, Intern without being paid. He did not know what to expect when he first worked here. Taking a step forward he began to  work freelance, spending time working on design some interesting work for a magazine called Domus which has been running since 1912. He got paid £400 a month which was just about enough to pay for accommodation. 

Alec moved back to London, spent 7 months working with Boat Magazine. This being unpaid work in a professional arrangement helped him to learn a lot. It was an easy going, come in as much or as little as he want job. He did not have a lot of money at this time, so he spent his evenings friends to save money. He is a big role model to young artists who have also been through the struggle, teaching us to always work hard. Traveling to Athens was another step in the door, working only for a couple weeks. Looking into photo journalism which was an amazing opportunity.  

After years of experience his vision came alive, started his Intern Magazine and working out what it was going to be about. A strong USP | Unique Selling Point was key broadly ticking the right boxes helped him. Having only a little money helped him to work on budgets. Focusing on counter cultural response helped him to receive funding and a huge turning point for the campaign.

Summer 2014

Perfectly bound | 140 odd pages 

Filled with artists and design students, the discussion in the magazine is open to arguments about internships.


Mix of styles, articles and conversations we are willing to have with the public. to be empowering is a focus.

Soft & Hard Skills

Soft skills | Confidence, communication 

Hard Skills | Adobe softwares, Editing, Illustration


Today has been a very interesting, a day full of in-depth information linked to real people in  the industry. This has been a truly inspiring experience, no matter how many times we feel to give up we need to carry on. If the passion is real to never let go and to continue on our path to success through both trial and error.


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