Wanstead Park ∞

An inspirational trip, experiencing the grounding process and freedom of the mind.

This evening the family, puppy and I took a trip to Wansted Park, not too far from where I live. A truly beautiful place filled with nature, aches of land, water and wildlife. The perfect escape for those who need a moment of silence or some peaceful time away. Doing a project based on spirituality, family and love has made me realise how important it is to take this step, venturing out into the forest where the beauty of our surroundings become our focus. This trip has been a huge help creatively and spiritually.

The first place we found was hidden, which reminded me of the back of my grandma’s garden. When me and my sister were younger we always used to spend hours there, we called it the forest. The atmosphere made me feel at home and happy. 

My puppy Nelly had been running in a figure of 8 around us, an infinity symbol on it’s side. This helped me to think about how the infinity symbol links very closely to family, love and togetherness. 

nature full.png

Continuing through the park we found some beautiful buildings which had been standing here for many years. Each building surrounded by land and nature. 


As the evening was coming to a close and the moon started to rise we decided to make our way back to where started. The moonlight had really made the park look stunning and sharing this evening with the ones I love had made this a very enjoyable experience.  


My favourite photographs have to be the last photographs I’ve taken of my beautiful little cousin and her friend sitting by the lake. Seeing the young ones interacting with nature and the wildlife,  really reflects togetherness.


cropped together.png



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