Stencilling Experiment ∞

Over the weekend after receiving some feedback from Emily on my blog I have decided to follow her advice of testing out some stencilling using my concept of the Yin&Yang symbol i’ve been experimenting with throughout my design process. I have designed and created my own stencil and using different coloured acrylic paints have created some stencil prints. 

I am happy with my stencil designs, however I don’t feel these are as successful as my messy design pieces. I will be continuing with using the above symbols and experimenting with different ways I can design these. 


One thought on “Stencilling Experiment ∞

  1. Stencilling is when you paint or spray over shapes so you get the outline in white. This is the effect that some of your earlier experiments reminded me of. It makes me think of when you sift flour or icing sugar and get shapes if you cover a spoon or an object by mistake. I just wondered if there was something relevant to explore here?

    I am not so sure about the yin and yang, it’s very overused as a symbol. You may want to thing about the idea of two halve or parts that fit together rather than using the actual symbol? Keep going! Emily


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