Marble Experiment ∞

Experimenting with acrylic paints, food colouring, materials and ingredients. 

Over the weekend I experimented with some different materials creating some new design ideas for my brand concept. I am sticking to my idea of The Creative Mess In The Kitchen & The Yin&Yang Theory. After experimenting with different mediums in our observation lesson really opened my mind to the ways in which patterns can be uniquely made. Producing handmade design pieces also adds to what OGP stands for. 

Inspiration & Research.

I first did some researching on existing messy art pieces using vibrant colours. Below are some art pieces I found on Pinterest. Looking into this has helped me to come across some beautiful marble art pieces.

Speckswirl | Carach Jacqueline Swann | from her Patternity collection.


I looked into different ways of successfully making messy marble patterns. Watching YouTube videos helped me to use the best materials for this process. I wanted to including kitchen cupboard ingredients linking very much to my chosen client brief and it’s values. 


Development | Experimentation.

After researching I have decided to create my own marble design pieces using the below products, equipment and ingredients. 


My first step was using milk and blue food colouring. 

milk and food colouring.jpg

I added a drop of washing up liquid on top of the colours which made them disperses creating a dream like galaxy effect. 

blue patterns with washing up liquid.jpg

I dipped some paper into the liquid creating a print of the pattern. this didn’t work the way I wished it to, however I am still at the experimental stage of my project.

first attempt.jpg

My next step was adding drips of red and purple acrylic paint to my mixture.  

prints 6.jpg

I am happy with the above prints and feel with some editing could be very successful. 

I decided to have another look through my kitchen cupboards to see what else I could add to the mixture to create some new inventive patterns. I used PVA glue to create a scribble effect adding more detail. This was an experiment so I had no idea how it would pan out. 



I also experimented using brown food colouring to get some different effect using subtle colours to see how they would transfer onto paper.

smoky brown.jpg


I am looking to take the above experiment further, experimenting with new colours and materials, maybe using a range of textured paper types to see how the patterns transfer in different ways. I am also looking to edit my designs using photoshop. This experiment has really taught me to work outside my comfort zone and helped me to start producing a varied body of work for my project. 




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