JKR Global Studio | Jones Knowles Richie.


Today’s early morning trip was with our studio leader Emily Penny visiting JKR Global Studios in Camden. The building was stunning, it had a very modern tone to it and a welcoming feel. The conference room we were in for our meeting was professionally lit and set out. We were introduced to the company and learnt a little about what they do before being introduced to individual designers project work.

“We’re an independent design agency with studios in London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai. We believe that great design helps brands grow, by abandoning the generic and relentlessly pursuing the unmistakable.”

We were introduced to one of JKR’s staff members, one of the main designers at the company who took us on a creative journey through their design processes and live projects. They have worked alongside some very well known companies such as; 


The style used through out their design work is clean cut, using colour and modern style graphics.

Hippeas | A hippie style brand. Original Chickpea Puffs.

This design project straight away caught caught my eye. The colours compliment each other throughout the design as well as the illustration used on the packets and the brands merchandise. Creating a hippie style playing with the brand name is also a clever concept. I have to say this is definitely one of my favourites.


We soon moved onto touring the building. Getting an insight into what it would be like to work at JKR. The offices were spacious and sectioned into design qualities. Everybody seemed hard at work. They had a few comfortable corners filled with beanbags and sofas where they could relax which I thought was a nice idea. Also a book area, a bar and conference rooms. 

gdn g.jpgstand


All JKR stands for is a huge eye opener for me, I learnt a lot visiting a professional studio, the ways in which the teams work together and as well as independently, seeing how people work around the office, every one very much seemed at home and comfortable at work. I also learnt just how important a concept within branding stands strong, creating a personal audience. 

Exploring Camden Market

camden lock.jpg

The rest of our morning we had time to adventure around Camden Market looking for brand identities and signage. I am a lover of Camden Town and it’s artistic surroundings which has always inspired me. I enjoyed being out in the fresh air amongst the creativity. My favourite part of the market has to be the stable market which is undercover filled with boutique stores and pop up shops very different from the high street. Sticking to my brief I first focused on sweet stalls. Most sat outside the stable market where the smell of delicious food filled the air. Each stand had very different branding however all had personality and style.

stalls copy.png

The next section of the market introduced visitors to more food both sweet and savoury. Individual independent brands most designs below are using typography and two tone colours for their logo designs. 


Below are some images of Camden’s biggest bakeries. Their food is handmade, fresh ly made everyday. The displays are professionally laid out in colours. The room is very spacious and the interior kept minimal with a lot of use of brick work creating a warm homely feel.


The third section of the market was surrounded by stalls, small tends holding clothing, fashion items, objects for the home, mostly handmade. This beautiful printed fabric caught my attention. The intricate patterns and use of repetition and minimal colours work well together. I was tempted to purchase however it would have been a impulse buy.


Elephant Fabric print | Camden Market.


Josiah Amari | Homemade products in store. 


Visiting Camden Market has helped me to see creative brands in action. How the brands values are expressed through all the handmade products sold. How the people selling the items are welcoming and are full of personality, people really do add to the experience. 



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