The Yin&Yang Theory. 

The story of Yin∞Yang and it’s fundamental features.

Working similarly to Einstein’s E = mc², the Yin&Yang symbol stands for something very elemental very much connected with the word Balance. On this earth balance is always needed, helping us to connect with right and wrong, good and bad. However, there is a lot more we need to focus on which is not always explained. The Ying&Yang symbol does not only stand for the above. Everything contains this theory. Two very opposite yet complementary energies. Both as meaningful as each other in other words, interdependent. On can’t exist without the other;  e.g. night and day, light and dark, summer and winter, spring and fall, sunrise and sunset.

Yin | Black 

Yang | White


The beginning of Yin∞Yang.

Dated back to 700 B.C.E | originated to the I Ching, the book of changes. 

A strong written piece by C.G. Jung, translated into English by Richard Wilhelm and Cary F Baynes, focused on universal energy. This is helping us to understand the representation of the word balance, how opposites work and their importance, the unfolding of events and change. This has been a huge part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, led by it’s principles  being a true expression and a different spiritual way of seeing the world. 


Balance & Harmony.

Yin contains a seed of Yang being the white dot this connects the two elements. The truth to this theory is Yin can transform into Yang and they are together, touching one another sharing qualities. When two things become balanced they are equal however still separate. Similarly to a relationship, we are two people but together we are one, the ways in which love works is to build a solid bond which works between two people. This then introduces harmony, creating an embodied figure, swirling and blending both elements. 


The Seasons.

This theory is seen in the change of the seasons; the cold of winter moves on to the warmth of spring and then the summer heat touches the chilled nights in fall and rotates back around to winter. The Yin&Yang symbol turned different ways represents the seasons. 

Personal Health & Feelings.

Everything in our lives when we are alive, strong and well flows perfectly. Our mind, bodies, emotions, and soul can adjust correctly to the situations happening in our lives. This is also a strong connection to the element of balance. | Traditional Chinese Medicine. The TCM treatment has been created to balance out the Yin&Yang in everybody. The theory expresses power and the importance of our health and well being.


Below is a picture I found online after researching Yin&Yang. Expressing all it stands for. Most ways in which both Yin & Yang opposites connect. 


“If you can understand Yin&Yang you can hold the universe in your hands.” – unknown.


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