Circles ∞

Concept Idea for OGP.

After researching the brand, their personality and all they stand for I have been experimenting with circles a lot throughout my project, keeping the feel of the products Oh Gee Pie sells e.g pies, biscuits, cakes. Below are some of my circle designs. 

dsb f.png

I designed these patterns continuing independently after our Observation lesson, these are quick detailed sketches of my thoughts being different patterns of pie lids. The marking used to decorate the pies. 

Moving onto experimenting with my messy ink image created during our observation lesson. I feel this was successful due to it reflecting the mess we create in the kitchen full of colour and patterns. This would work well with OGP’s brand as they were looking for a hip and vibrant design. I edited the design using photoshop adding capacity and more warmth to the image. 


After editing my image I decided to experiment again with the circle, adding a better shape and meaning to my pattern work. Below are two different styles, one using a more sharp graphic, edgy look.


texture-uohnI moved on to developing different ways in which I could section my different patterns, creating realistic pie slices and introducing my main concept, the ying∞yang theory. 


I am proud of myself finally working outside my comfort zone, usually I tend to use only techniques such as illustration & graphic softwares because it is what I’m used to. Developing these fast pace design pieces has helped me to become confident with experimenting as I am known to be a perfectionist when producing new pieces. 

I am looking to develop this further within the next couple of weeks, working with different mediums, techniques and styles. Experimenting a lot with vibrant colours and messy patterns mainly using products and ingredients we use in the kitchen linked to concepts of the creative mess in the kitchen & the ying∞yang theory. 


One thought on “Circles ∞

  1. What about experimenting with stencilling as a graphical technique – you could stencil circles, or maybe stencil the name or a message? Could be nice? Like the idea of circles and pie shapes – could become an icon or a repeat pattern? Some great ideas. Next edit and focus into a simple design scheme that joins up the imagery, logo and messages so they’re all complementary. Look forward to seeing you next week 🙂


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