Russell Weekes

Hot House Talk with Russell Weekes |  Designer working closely with Graphics, Video, Photography, Observation, Illustration, Writing and Art Direction. 


His story was expressed to us in a very comical way. His main work focuses on observation using natural objects we see around us daily. Including things such as road signs, music equipment and more. Working with limitation has always helped him to plan and progress for his projects usually done in a fast pace way, this has helped him to experiment more. Weekes expressed how video production opened up a whole range of possibilities for him that illustration hadn’t. All aspects of his work having equal importance. It was never Weekes intention to become a video editor however due to his experimenting it had helped take him to pursue this as a future career. 

Video and Observation 

His introduced us to a few of his previous video projects. He has many inventive ways of designing helping him to create comical, unique animated visuals. 

Concept for Franz Ferdinand – Can’t Stop Feeling Video.

Weekes had produced a concept where he designed different ways of moving difference scenes for a video across a screen. This first video was independently taken during collage. He warned us that the video of himself was pretty cringe worthy and embarrassing.

He expressed how he feels he has had limited success with creating music videos as he has never really had a huge budget whilst working on music videos, he choses to work this way helping to create homemade inventive concept. No need for expenses.

A Series of Projects. 

Taking something that already exists and changing and adapting it’s identity to then become new, something different.

Art Direction for Chipotle.


The making of food | from natural to prepared, ready to eat.

Creating Punart.


Shapes and quotes with personality.

All his projects use the same ways of thinking and work to suit exactly what he wants to communicate, using a mixture of commercial and personal work, a true artist’s way. Playing the really thin line between familiar and the unknown. 


“Personal work helps you to create without pressure. Be self sufficient. This helps you to see your limitations and what you may not be good at.” 

Collaboration with Photographer Ali Mobasa.

Three photographs called home using handmade objects in the home. Focusing on ways in which furniture sits and works as personality. 12 objects photographed within each series linked to objects. one pound, home.



Showing the changes within past and todays society. Thinking and recognising the female body shape.


Russell Weekes has taught me many ways of designing. Working for someone else can help you to learn new processes, ways of collaborating and experience new ways work ethics.



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