Design & Visualisation 1.0

Lesson with Ricardo.

Today we worked together in groups to visualise aims focusing on key areas, ideas and narratives which bring the brand we have chosen to explore to life. Artwork and Design play huge roles in this process placing primary design materials into realistic and everyday environments. This task was set for us to analyse and strip down key aspects of the products brand, visualisation through research and investigation. I worked with my studio peer Miss.Clelia to produce a case study linked to one of Oh Gee Pie’s infinity brands Four and Twenty Black Birds. 

Brand: Four and twenty blackbirds 

Four and twenty blackbirds was founded in 2010 in Brooklyn. It has expanded over many years and became one of the most successful, professional pie cafes in America. Clelia and I have worked on this task together focusing on collecting photographs and imagery, grouping them together into different categories and commenting for further discussion. We then worked on describing in depth to the rest of the class. Below is the case study we created together.

Photography, Texture & Colours. 

Visually seeing the flavours

Close ups

Marco Photography

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.45.03.png

The pictures are high quality close ups. Marco photography allows you to feel close to the product, and imagine more clearly how it feels like, tastes like, smells like. The colours and the details help visualising the flavour. The photographs that include hands are evidence the product is hand-made from beginning to the end. Hand-made food require dedication and time that values the effort that goes into the process.

Website & On-site Type.




Easy to read and navigate

All key information included

Colours complement each other in the images and text

On the website the chosen typeface expresses simplicity and confidence. It represents a direct and bold approach. The minimalistic layout and background of the website makes the brand stand out keeping the main focus on the products. Type and images use complementary colours. Contrast between red black and white work well together. Everything is spaced out quite evenly making the website easy for visitors and customers to access and navigate. The interior design reflects the brand’s personality and characteristics.

Exterior & Interior. 





Food presentation.



Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.52.51.png 

The food presentation reflects the minimalistic aspect of the brand both on the table and in the box. The colour and texture are the most appealing characteristic of it.

Photography of People. 





Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 19.53.02.png

Including pictures of the staff and suppliers during their work on the website makes the brand feel more approachable, human and welcoming.

The Logo. 


Bright colours


The shape of the brand evokes the shape of the pies they make. It is layered the same way the products are made. The bright yellow reminds of the pies once cooked (golden) and gives a happy touch to the look of the brand. The type is once again evenly spaced out and perfectly adjusted to the shape of the circle. It works better in ball and white.



This session has taught us how to collaborate and share ideas linked to brand design and the ideas behind designing and creating a brands identity professionally. This is the second task we have run through linked to creating a case study. I am looking to produce my own linked to my design ideas and concepts for Oh Gee Pie.


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