London International Art Festival | 2 – 7 November 2016 | An event connecting the lovers of music, one room full of creative, cultural, music minds.

My studio peers | friends, Clelia, Malcom, Hayley & Jacob and I attended Rich Mix’s addition of the London International Art Festival last night after a full dedicated day at University. We had planned to attend this event to open our hearts, thoughts and minds to creativity and self expression through art and wanting to connect with music on a deeper level. A night full of many soul moving performances, a mix of genres and spiritual enlightenment. A varied selection of music from around the globe. Music is a huge part of the art industry, the ways in which it can move us emotionally and physically. The night featured many popular underground artists and musicians. 



My favourite performer of the night had to be Enne. Singer | Songwriter | Poet from Luton, based in London. She was the first to perform warming the audience with her personality and charm. Her cultural background has her connected with both Reggae and Soul. Enne plays an instrument called the Ukulele which produces melodies which helps to express her unique sound, attracting the audience to the subtle Caribbean beats which flow through her music. She is very much in touch with her audience creating a warm connection and a true ambience, starting the evening right, bringing good vibes. 


The second performance of the night was David X, Vocal Artist | Performer & Professional Beat Boxer from France, based in London. He has been mastered the art of beatboxing after practicing and performing for the past 20 years. The sounds of the violin, guitar, flute and other instruments he creates naturally is incredible only using his voice. He filled the room with magic, surprising the audience with his talents.

David X introduced us to the final act J’yotsna Srikanth the creator and founder of the London International Art Festival and her group Bangalore Dreams. The world fusion music group including Jazz, Indian, Electronic and Folk music using violins, keys and vocals. Their sound reminded me of famous soundtracks from films. Below are some picture I have taken from their performance. 


I feel it was a very eventful, inspiring evening. This has inspired me to look into more cultural aspects of music connected to my dissertation topics. Most of the music performed is not to my taste however, it was an experience to hear new unique music outside of my interests. I am honestly so happy I could enjoy my evening along with my group the beautiful people who surround my creative world, this ones for you. 



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