Creating Concept


Our Friday studio session was spent creating our own independent concept boards. Including all the relevant imagery and words helping us to express the ideas behind our design processes for our live client briefs. 

Name of the brand – Images showing the target audience | customer – 5 Brand Values – 2 Images of Affinity Brands –  Extra images setting the mood | tone – Images of the actual products – Inspiration linked closely to ideas. 

Design Ideas

Below are a list of my creative thoughts and the ways in which I am looking to develop my ideas further. 

Patterns linked to what dreams would look like whilst being created – Colours and patterns representing ideas coming together – Community – The seasons – Visualising home – Family & Friends – Flavours = Colours – Explosions in the kitchen – Creative mess – Bringing people together – Love being everything – Good vibes & Positivity. 

Below is my finished concept board, I know it is pretty packed with images and writing however I feel it’s important to include as much information and visuals as possible helping to express my concept ideas so far. On the left are the Name of the brand, Images of the products, Colour Palettes and Pantones “which I designed and created last week linked to one of our previous tasks titled Values & Colour” and also a collection of words explaining the brand as a whole. The middle section is showing 5 important brand values, 2 Images of Affinity Brands, Extra images setting the mood | tone and inspirational images linked to the brand and it’s story. Last but not least on the right is my concept section, with images and words linked to my initial ideas.

I am looking to focus on togetherness, the home-made factor of Oh Gee Pie and all they stand for, e.g. love, dreams, community and good vibes. I am looking to produce some multi media pieces creating explosions of colour expressing the creative mess we make in the kitchen, after all a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen whilst cooking. I would also like to link feelings and maybe the seasons and how they play a big role at OGP and their “limited edition seasonal pies”. 

concept board space.jpg

Creating a concept board has really helped me to push my ideas together successful, linking the key words with images, adding my own personal touch. I am looking forward to moving on with this project and using different medias to create some exciting experimental work next. 

After gaining some feedback from Emily regarding my concept board, I have designed a new, much more limited concept board which may still be holding too much imagery however this is much more to the point and has the main features of my concept ideas and the brands personality. I want to keep my first one due to it being an important reflection of my design process and thinking. I feel it works well as a page full of thoughts.

new concept board I.jpg


One thought on “Creating Concept

  1. You have some great content here. Your final concept boards needs about one third of the number of images, and your five core brand values only, and don’t use their existing logo. thanks Emily


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