Alistair Hall

We had another afternoon lunch time hot house talk with an established Graphic Design Mr. Alistair HallWe Made This was founded and established by Alistair Hall himself back in 2004. The company is based around creating and designing for clients around the globe, mainly London. The name We Made This was inspired by believing design always works best when it’s done collaboratively, working closely with both the printers and clients, building solid relationships around the business. 



Alistair introduced us to a world of inventive design work, very much linked closely to imaginative concepts bringing businesses and ideas to life. A variety of documents and Publications designed by the team. Below are a few that Alistair included in his presentation. 

Historic Royal Palace – A professional book linked to the historical stories of Kensington and Kensington Palace. These were bind at a professional binding shop in Clerkenwell, London Book Binding. Way I Write By George Orwell – Of Man, The Life of Man – All covers and title pages are designed in a traditional style. Borges – The Perpetual Race of Achilles and The Tortoise – D&AD Awards Annual Cover. 

Penguin Great Idea’s Series 

Blackwell’s Collection

Large non-fiction typographic books. All covers within this series have a red spine and black and white fronts. below is an original photograph of the Penguin Great Idea’s Series


Writings from the Zen Master

As I am such a strong believer of all things spiritual this one book design was my favourite. The concept of the design was linked mainly to meditation, well being and healingThe illustrated O represented the spirit of the artist. The design is simple yet unique.


Wynkyn de Worde memento 

We Made this worked closely on a project with Benwells and Mason to create this beautiful finished piece,  useing a holographic foil on top of the colour Black. The holographic foil picking up light and reflection. For every talk Alistair’s team handed out keepsakes to those attending the event as good will tokens. 




Giveaways – Keepsakes – Good Will Tokens 


Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

“Designed to create the illusion of stepping into a story book.”

A 2010, 6 month project which turned into something full time. Nick Hornbey was involved with this creative movement helping the project to become a success. Alistair had found and purchased a space which himself and many volunteers designed and decorated. One part shop, the other part a creative writing workshop space. All supplies sold within the store are linked to monsters and their language, labelled to create a scene from a story. Below are some photographs I had taken from the presentation which helped us to get an idea of what it would be like to visit the store. 





“I think it is a beautiful thing to want to help keep children young at heart and not have them rushing to grow up, being young is the best time to be free. We are only ever young once and a lot of kids wish to grow up before their time. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a place full of imagination.” 


The creative writing workshops which take place are a lovely way of helping children to express their creative sides as well as getting involved in activities which will make them feel successful. The workshops consist of a variety of different fun tasks such as; creating and publishing newspapers, creating guides which will then be on display and sold in store, creating films linked to the stories written and much more. 

“Alistair Hall’s talk has taught me so much about the creative industry and opened my eyes to a world of opportunity, leaving me inspired as to how we should always follow what we believe in, how collaborating with other creatives within the industry can improve our skills and mindset towards designing.”



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